Currently, social media giant Facebook is facing a lot of privacy issues which is putting people off.  There are changes on the platform which are making it unappetising to stay on the network anymore. But in all this, the network could still be of help when it comes to events discovering or planning. It will be cooler if you transfer these Facebook events to your Google Calendar to keep track of them easily.

Well, follow these quick steps to add Facebook events to your Google Calendar.

How to add Facebook events to Google Calendar

  • Obviously, you’d head on to Facebook on your desktop first. Or you can change your mobile browser’s view to “Desktop view” to show the pages like how a desktop browser does.
  • Go to the Events section.
  • In this menu, under the Upcoming Birthdays section, scroll down till you get to the section to export events.
  • Now to download the calendar file from that section, click on Upcoming Events.
  • Then move on to the Google Calendar site on your desktop.

how to add Facebook events to Google Calendar

  • Click on the three-dot menu near Add Calendar.
  • Not hit on Importand upload the Facebook Upcoming Events iCAL file.
  • After uploading the file, you should see the new calendar in the other calendars section.
  • You can repeat the same process to for Birthdays Calendar to your Google Calendar.

How to revert the whole process

It is important to know that doing this will copy all your existing and future Facebook events to your Google Calendar. If you do not want it anymore you can turn it off.
To do that, go on to Google Calendar, and uncheck the boxes beside the Upcoming Events and Birthdays calendars that the app displays.

You can also do it differently. You can use a browser extension called the Checker Plus for Google Calendar. This browser extension works for individual events. Checker Plus for Google Calendar works by bringing your Google Calendar events within easy reach. It adds a button to Facebook events to help you quickly add them.

The Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension works with Chrome, Opera, and Brave. For Chrome users, it is available here.

how to add Facebook events to Google Calendar

Download and install in your browser. Go to Facebook and open an event page, and then click the extension’s calendar icon in your browser toolbar. It should be part of the extensions in the top right part of the window. Clicking on it will show you a button to automatically add the event to your calendar.

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