Electronic Arts popularly known as EA sports released the 20th edition of its electronic football game, FIFA 20, on 27th September 2019 after a long wait. While most lovers of the game were anxious to experience the new volta mode, others were eager to officially discover the ratings of their favourite players.

The previous edition, FIFA 19, had Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo being on the top of the list with an overall rating of 94. But how did he rank this time? How did the cover star Eden Hazard rank? And most importantly how did your favourite player rank on FIFA 20? Let’s take a look at the first 10 ranked players in FIFA 20.

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How are players rated

Electronic Arts Sports rate players based on their natural abilities in real-life games with much focus on attributes such as pace, shooting, dribbling, defence, physicality, and passing for the outfield players.

For goalkeepers too, diving, handling. kicking, positioning, reflexes and speed are considered.

Top 10 rated players in FIFA 20

  1. Lionel Messi

FIFA 19 rating: 94

 20 rating: 94

The Argentine and Barcelona superstar has been one of the best players in the football game since he entered the frame, with that consistency reflecting in FIFA games.

After Cristiano Ronaldo had the highest of 94 to top last year’s, it was definitely going to be between him and his long-time rival for the top spot. Messi came out on top and it was due to a reduction of Ronaldo’s rating to 93.

  • Pace – 87
  • Passing-92
  • Shooting-92
  • Dribbling-96
  • Defence-39
  • Physicality  -66

2. Cristiano  Ronaldo

FIFA 19 rating: 94

20 rating: 93

The Portuguese and Juventus star had to settle for the second spot in FIFA 20 as he had a reduction in rating from 94 in FIFA 19 to 93 in FIFA 20.

A school of thought has suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo’s relegation to the second spot this year is as a result of Juventus not selling the name right to FIFA but to PES.

  • Pace-90
  • Passing-82
  • Shooting-93
  • Dribbling-89
  • Defence-35
  • Physicality-78

3. Neymar

FIFA 19 rating: 92

20 rating: 92

Neymar maintained his rating for FIFA 19 and continues to be among the top 3 rated players in FIFA 20.

With an incredible dribbling rating of 95, he comes closer to Lionel Messi’s 96 and with other high scoring attributes he certainly deserves to be in the top three rated players in FIFA 20.

  • Pace-91
  • Passing-87
  • Shooting-85
  • Dribbling-95
  • Defence-32
  • Physicality-58

4. Eden Hazard

FIFA 19 rating: 91

20 rating: 91

The Belgian who joined Real Madrid last summer also maintained his rating and was voted by fans to be the cover star of the game.

Hazard also has very high scoring attributes including a dribbling rating of 94 and pace of 91.

  • Pace-91
  • Passing-86
  • Shooting-83
  • Dribbling-94
  • Defence-35
  • Physicality-66

5. Kevin De Bruyne

FIFA 19 rating: 91

 20 rating: 91


Kevin De Bruyne’s inclusion makes it two Belgians in the top 5 of the top-rated players in FIFA 20. De Bruyne has been regarded as one of the best passers of the ball and his passing rating of 96 certainly vindicates that.

  • Pace-72
  • Passing-96
  • Shooting-86
  • Dribbling-87
  • Defence-61
  • Physicality-78

6. Jan Oblak

FIFA 19 rating: 90

20 rating: 91

Jan Oblak happens to be the top rated goalkeeper in FIFA 20 and it is certainly not surprising that he finds himself among the best six.

He has been the safest pair of hands for Atletico Madrid since the departure of Thibaut Courtois and his rise was awarded an increase in rating from 90 in FIFA 19 to 91 in FIFA 20.

  • Diving-87
  • Handling-92
  • Kicking-78
  • Reflexes-89
  • Speed-50
  • Positioning-90

7. Virgil Van Dijk

FIFA 19 rating: 88

20 rating: 90

The cover star for the Champions edition ranks 7th in the top-rated players in FIFA 20 after he gained two extra points to move from 88 to 90 in FIFA 20.

The Dutch international was arguably the best outfield player for Liverpool as they defeated Tottenham Hotspurs to win the 2018/2019 Champions League.

  • Pace-77
  • Passing-70
  • Shooting-60
  • Dribbling-72
  • Defence-90
  • Physicality-76

8. Mohammed Salah

FIFA 19 rating: 88

20 rating: 90


Operating on the right hand side of a front three that conquered Europe last year, Salah was very pivotal to the succes of Liverpool in Europe last year.

He also gained two points to move from 88 in FIFA 19 to 90 in FIFA 20.

  • Pace – 93
  • Passing- 81
  • Shooting- 86
  • Dribbling- 89
  • Defence – 49
  • Physicality- 74

9. Luka Modric

FIFA 19 rating: 91

 20 rating: 90

The former men’s footballer of the year has this year seen a reduction of his overall rating from 91 last year to 90 this year.

  • Pace -74
  • Passing- 89
  • Shooting – 76
  • Dribbling- 90
  • Defence- 76
  • Physicality- 66

10. Marc-André ter Stegen

FIFA 19 rating: 89

20 rating: 90

The German international has risen to become one of the most important players in a Barcelone team which is dominated by stars.

With some high ratings for his reflexes and kicking ability, he makes the cut for the top 10 rated players in FIFA 20 with an overall rating of 90.

  • Diving -88
  • Handling – 85
  • Kicking – 88
  • Reflexes – 90
  • Speed – 43
  • Positioning – 88

Visit the official website of EA Sports for the full ratings.




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