How COLDSiS Ghana is using artificial intelligence, IoT and robotics to transform Africa


What comes to mind when you think about artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics and the digital revolution playing a role in the next decade?

How is technology affecting the financial, governance, security, social and cultural setup of the globe?

What are you doing at your own individual level to catch up with modern Technological pace?

The answer is simple; Technology is here and it’s the future.

As part of our vision and zeal to be the best IT company in West African sub REGION within 5 years when it comes to emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence, IOT, digital payments and Robotics, COLDSiS cofounders (Yakubu Lantam Abdul-Jabar, Nathaniel Ashiagbor and Edmund Wayo) followed up and met similar companies in Dubai as part of world Seamless Middle East and in Singapore (Emtech) Robotics and Artificial intelligence conference to share knowledge, ideas and expertise in developing strategies that will help us achieve our zeal in transforming the IT eco space in West Africa especially Ghana.

Seamless Middle East convention showcased technology and innovation in eCommerce, Cards & Payments, Banking Innovations and more. Exhibitors and speakers came from all over the world to showcase their solutions.

Indeed, a lot of innovations are also now being built day in day out with the help of Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, IOT and Robotics which COLDSiS is working on. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning will not just open up markets but also help to create new opportunities from governance to Leadership, Education to Health, Entrepreneurship to job creation and transformation of our economy.

According to Yakubu Lantam Abdul-Jabar, as a company, we are shifting our focus from the traditional development of Web and Mobile applications to high-level computing systems. At the moment, using Artificial intelligence (A.I.) to create in-app Algorithms has helped boost our clients base by 30% in the first quarter of 2019. We are assuring our clients and the general public the best IT solutions and services and to be the number one brand in Africa.

We are not trying to be like Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba or Google but we are trying to serve the globe with fascinating technological solutions.

Visit their website and see the amazing IT solutions.


Yakubu Lantam Abdul-Jabar
Co-founder, COLDSIS



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