Hoverwatch: The phone tracking app that comes in handy during emergencies

Mobile phone tracking apps and software in recent times have become popular with parents and employers — and even among friends. And while their use raises a concern and is up for debate, this has become necessary for some people who would prefer having their loved ones easily being able to locate them; in the event of them being uncharacteristically unreachable after some time.

There are many of such tracking apps and software in circulation today, and one that we’d recommend, which is the subject of this article, is the Hoverwatch phone tracker — a surveillance app that comes with some exciting features.

What is it?

Hoverwatch is a phone tracker or surveillance app for mobile devices. Its efficiency makes it popular with parents, and also employers the world over. Aside the tracking ability, it also packs lots of other features including keeping records for text messages, locations, call history, as well as internet activities of the tracked user — even on third-party apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat.

Setting it up

First, you’ll need to sign up by providing a valid email address and a password in order for you to be given a free online account for the platform. You can then go ahead and complete the second step — which is to download the apk (or app installer) once you’re registered.

Now for the second step, you’ll have to authorise installation from unknown sources, since you’re installing from the Hoverwatch site. Once that is done, you’ll just run through the steps as seen in the above image to install from your newly created Hoverwatch account.

Finally, with the software apk successfully installed, you can go ahead and monitor all the devices, of interest.

What you can do with it

These are some of the features you can enjoy with the Hoverwatch phone tracker app:

  • Track locations. The software uses details from the closest cell towers to track locations, so, even if a the GPS is turned off on the target device, you can still know their whereabouts.  Your Hoverwatch account allows you to view your target user’s present location as well as the route they commute on a map.
  • Record calls. From your remote location, you can record both outgoing and incoming calls from the device of interest — due to the highly effective call recording feature. Details such as the date and time of call, the status (whether unanswered, etc) of the call, as well as the duration and phone number together with the call’s audio.
  • Monitor activities on chat platforms. These days, almost everyone uses WhatsApp and other chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, and SnapChat. You can monitor interactions on these platforms by setting up Hoverwatch phone tracker to save files such as images, audios, and videos sent on these platforms.
  • Track in stealth mode. During the installation procedure, you’d be given a secret PIN. With that PIN, you can have direct access to the app on your target user’s device. What this does is to enable you stealthily track the device — leaving the target user oblivious to your activities.
  • Track internet history. This would come in useful for parents who’d like to know what sites their children frequently visit. This is a default feature in Hoverwatch which keeps you up to date about your target’s online activities.
  • Access to contact details and information. The software enables you to have access to your target users contacts easily. Whenever new contacts are added, they automatically get uploaded to the Hoverwatch server. And not only contact numbers, but other information such as the email address and name, as well as interactions, are saved too.
  • Detect SIM card change. While the software was engineered in a way that allows it to function regardless of the SIM card in it, you will be notified on your user panel whenever the SIM card gets switched.


The app does a good job, clearly. However, while it can be used on Android, the Mac, and Windows PCs, it does not have a version for the iPhone.

In conclusion

If you want to conduct spy missions on mobile, this is one app for you to consider using. From its keylogging abilities to its stealth monitoring feature, this is certainly an app for that covert job. Parents and employers, especially dispatch delivery service owners, can benefit a lot from this to keep tabs on their children and (or) employees.


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