Over-the-counter drugs are not great for children under 6 years since they come with harmful side effects for them and might not even work. To help you avoid stories like that, see home remedies for cold and flu, all parents should try.
1. A spoonful of honey: Honey comes with lots of health benefits for treating cough among kids and adults. Mixing it with warm lemon water works absolute magic. However, honey is not advisable for kids under 1 year of age because of the risk of botulism.
2. Plenty of fluids: Your children need to drink the recommended daily intake of water to remain hydrated at all times. However, because cold and flu make children sluggish, they might not want to eat or drink much. It is therefore, up to you to incorporate soups and smoothies in their diet to improve their health.
3. More pillows: According to PulseNG, immediately your child starts coughing, change his or her bedding, and give the kid more pillows to raise their head and clear congestion.

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4. Proper rest: Proper sleep is as vital as exercise and nutrition when a child is sick. Resting will help the kid’s body to focus on healing.
5. Clean up: Cold and flu are highly linked to dust, dirty clothes, among others; so you need to clean everywhere as quickly as possible. Ventilation is important when it comes to home comfort and, you should always teach your children to wash their hands with soap and water before and after eating.
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