In recent times, creativity has become a sought-after attribute in professional spaces. Even in industries that are usually regarded as uptight and straight edge, creativity is encouraged in order to make things lively; lucky for you if you happen to fall within that category of people who can manifest the wonderful ideas they conjure up in their imagination.
High-paying jobs are what everyone seeks after — regardless of the industry they work in. When the compensation is good, you’re sure to have people wanting to be in the position to enjoy a piece of that cake.
Depending on the rules of the workplace, you can decide to be creative with whatever you’ve been given to work with. This article, however, is geared towards high-paying jobs for people who like making something amazing out of the barely remarkable.
In this article, ‘high-paying’ refers to jobs with five to six-figure annual compensation or pay. Want to know where you fit in? Yes? Then read on.

High-paying jobs for creative people

The jobs listed here are senior-level positions or mid-level at the least. For people who are just starting out, securing entry-level positions or junior roles in these areas will set you on the path to a high-earning position. And earnings are quoted in US$ instead of the local currency so as to inform the reader of global rates.

Social Media Manager
($44,000 – $138,000)

A social media manager or director’s role in an organization is to develop effective strategies through which a brand would reach its customers via their social media platforms.
Your job here will include managing a tea, overseeing content channels, analyzing performance over a period and using the data to determine the success or otherwise of a campaign or initiative.
To succeed in this role, you need photo and video editing skills, copywriting, and ability to spot the aesthetic.
If you can game the Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter algorithms effectively then, you should consider a job position that revolves around utilizing social media to a business’s benefit.

Creative Director
($49,000 – $156,000)

While the role of creative director may differ depending on the industry, their general responsibility across industries is to shape the direction (aesthetic) and the messaging of a brand.
For example, if you’re working in the fashion industry, your work will involve determining the visual look as well as feel of everything; clothing, to e-commerce platforms and retail spaces.
On the other hand, if you’re working in an advertising agency, your work will be to oversee the sounds, visuals, the words, as well as every other thing that will be needed in ad campaigns for your clients.
Your work as a creative director entrusts you with the responsibility of managing other talented creatives, so, you’ll need great communication and leadership skills.

PR Manager
($46,000 – $101,000)

If you’re the type of creative who doesn’t want to make new things everyday then, public relations (PR) can be a great fit for someone like you.
As a PR manager, your job is to get the word out in order to nurture a certain perception about the brand, company, individual, or product you’re looking out for. You’ll spend most of your day drawing strategies with other members of your team in order to get a product into the hands of the right influential person or make important news available to the right bloggers, news editors, and the like.
Just like others in this high-paying jobs list, you’ll need to work your way up the professional ladder in order to end up as a public relations manager.


Senior Copywriter
($52,000 – $101,000)

If none of the jobs listed here is straightforward enough, you can count on this particular one to be. Copywriting is for anyone who enjoys writing and coming up with clever phrases and slogans. In this role, you can work with an agency, where you’ll be responsible for many client accounts or you can be a company’s in-house copywriter where you’ll be responsible for just that company’s needs.
The role of a senior copywriter means you should be ready to write everything — from website copy to captions for Instagram posts. Also, you’ll be responsible for the text that goes on printed material such as flyers, brochures, and even promo apparel like t-shirts.
As a senior copywriter, you are going to work as part of a creative team including designers, social media management team, and even some company executives.

Product Designer
($51,000 – $130,000)

A product designer’s job can include anything and everything from designing furniture, packaging, and toys, to creating new digital products as well as software.
People in this role shape the look and feel of thing we use on a daily basis and is a good fit for anyone who has strong drawing and drafting abilities — especially relating to physical products.
In this role, you’ll collaborate with engineers, marketers, and sales people in order to find creative solutions that work for the overall good by taking budget, engineering, and other necessities into consideration.
In the tech world, product design can easily be mistaken for UX design. There is a difference though; UX designers focus on making a product easy to use (hence the name user experience [UX]), while product designers transform concepts and ideas into products people want to spend money on.


So these are the high-paying jobs we have for you creative people. Remember that none of these are entry-level positions. If you’re already in the field working your way up then, you’ll soon be working one of these high-paying jobs in a senior role. Stay motivated!

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