Good news everyone, Diabetes can be prevented. You just need a change your lifestyle and everything else will be simple from there. See Here’s how to prevent diabetes:
1. Control your weight: Excess weight causes type 2 diabetes. Being fat boosts your chances of developing type 2 diabetes remarkably.
2. Move about: Inactivity aids diabetes. Working your muscles regularly and making parts of your body work harder enhances their ability to make use of insulin and absorb glucose. And this will reduce the stress on your insulin-making cells.
3. Tune-up your diet: Go for whole grains and whole-grain products rather than refined grains and other highly processed carbohydrates. Avoid sugary drinks and go for water, coffee, or tea. Stay away from red meat and processed meat too, nuts, beans, fish are completely fine.
4. Do not smoke: Cigarettes cause diabetes. Non-smokers have a reduced risk of battling it.

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