how to avoid fake people
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There will always be fake people around, it is up to you to know how to avoid them. Life is very much better if you can stay away from negativity and fake people. Here’s how to avoid fake people:

1. Limit your interaction with the fake person: There will be times when these types of people will always be in your face, it is best to make every interaction brief with them. The less time you spend with them, the more comfortable you will feel.
2. Do not allow their annoying attitude get to you: No matter how annoying and frustrating their behavior might get, always keep your cool.
3. Don’t share your personal problems and secrets: If a friend is acting fake, avoid sharing your deepest secrets with him/her.


David Folami is from Nigeria, Ogun State to be precise. He is a tech lover and an upcoming musician. He works as a content writer for JBKlutse where he covers technology and lifestyle news. He adores a productive time online.

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