Whatsapp status is a very interesting feature to use.
It has been a lot of data zapping since Whatsapp introduced status to its features, you can upload pictures, videos ( video duration cannot be more than 30 seconds or they automatically get split) or even write on your status.
These status messages are programmed to last for 24hrs and many of its users don’t know how to save these statuses, so people do screenshots and screen records to save these statuses.
In this post, we are going to be teaching you how to save Whatsapp status on your phone so you can view them later.

How to save viewed Whatsapp status on your device 

*Before we start this tutorial you must know that once you view Whatsapp images or videos, you have automatically downloaded it to your device and it is set to auto delete after 24hrs.

  •  The first thing is to view the video/image status
  •  Open your file manager on your phone
  • Click option in the right corner(if you use an Infinix Note 3), then click show hidden files.

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  • Then search and click on Whatsapp
  • click on media, then status
    After you click on status you’ll see the file containing all the media files status you have viewed, now it’s time to get them for yourself
  • To save the media status just copy it and paste it out of the folder, in most cases it is advisable you move it out then you have that media file all for yourself

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