Here are some useful Dropbox tricks you should know

Here are some useful Dropbox tricks you should know

Dropbox has become one of the most popular cloud storage services available presently. While providing a safe place for you to store your files remains its main priority, there’s so much more that it’s capable of doing.

This article is intended to expose to you ways and tasks that can help you use Dropbox like a pro and get the most out of it. Read on to discover more.

There will be times when for reasons beyond your control, you won’t have access to the internet. The good news is that you can still access your Dropbox files even if you can’t access the web — thanks to its offline feature on your smartphone.

To be able to do this, you’ll first have to mark the files you want to see offline. Here’show. Tap on the three dots at the top-right to open the file you want to mark as offline. You’ll see a menu at the bottom of your display. The option to make the file available offline will be the last one down when you swipe up.

Toggle on the offline option and that file will have a green download symbol signifying it is now available offline.

Sometimes the files you need to save to your Dropbox account might be in the possession of someone else. Dropbox has an integrated feature for times when you’d need someone to send you files.

To place a file request, click on the ‘File’ option and then the ‘File requests’. After that you’ll see the blue “Create a file request” button which you should click on.

You’ll have to specify the files you’re requesting as well as the folder to save them in. You can click on the blue ‘change folder’ to switch folders if the default folder is named different from what you had in mind.

Once that is done, you can copy and send the link or have Dropbox send the link to the person who has your files.

One cool thing about Dropbox is that it allows you to preview your files — whether they’re PDFs, BMP, JPG, PSD, and other file formats. To preview a file, open it and place your cursor over that file. An ‘open with’ option will appear with a drop-down menu so you can click on it to choose how you want to preview your file.

4. Set expiration dates on your links

A cool security feature of Dropbox allows you to put expiration dates on any links you share. With this, you can keep tabs on the people accessing specific files and folders.

Click ‘Link Settings’ on the Dropbox web portal when you create a shared link — to set an expiration date for it. Through the ‘Links’ on the left-hand navigation panel, you can revoke access to links or set an expiration date for the shared links that are currently active.


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