best things to do in Maui

Visiting Maui automatically means you will have a great time since it is practically impossible to get bored. There are so many interesting things that you can do and experience, ranging from breathtaking landscapes and luxury Maui rentals to helicopter tours.

Thinking about what to do in Maui can be quite stressful since there are various options to choose from. Due to this, you might need some help. Here are some top options that are considered to be among the best in Maui, based on what tourists from all around the world are saying.

Helicopter Tours For Sightseeing

Seeing the coastline of Maui from a helicopter is a truly wonderful experience. Maui is actually much larger than what people give credit. It covers 727 square miles and most of it can be visible from a helicopter in around one hour. This includes options like a complete island flight, seeing Scenic West Maui or the Haleakala Crater.

Most tourists see the top attractions of the island on foot but you can have a much better experience as you see them from high above the ground.

Zip Lining In Maui

While Maui enjoys most of its popularity for the beaches you can visit, it is also a prime destination if you want to go zip lining. Such an activity is really good for family vacations, getaways with friends or a honeymoon. You can so easily enjoy gliding really high above stunning tropical landscapes. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to glide right under a rainbow.

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Golfing In Maui

best things to do in Maui

Maui is a great destination for every single person in the world that loves to play golf. There are 15 courses available right now. Four of them are completely public, like the Wailuku Kahili Golf Course. If you decide to go there, be sure to book in advance since it uses dynamic pricing. You can end up saving a lot if you book ahead.

8 of the Maui golf courses are owned by resorts. Out of them, the Wailea Golf Club automatically stands out since it has 3 incredible championship courses: Gold, Emerald and Blue.

Haleakala Sunrise/Sunset Experiences

If you are to visit the Haleakala National Park, it is definitely a good idea to do it really early in the morning so you can catch the sunrise. Haleakala is actually translated as “house of the sun” and its slopes can be seen all around the Maui island. When you visit the park, you get to experience a 10,000 feet dormant volcano that is really interesting for nature lovers and adventure seekers. As a nature lover, you will most likely enjoy seeing the Nene (an endangered goose) and the silversword plant.

As a hiker, you can enjoy 30 miles of perfect trails. The best one is Sliding Sands. It takes you to 2,800 feet from the volcano summit. Look for a tour that offers stargazing and sunset for a totally different experience than what you might initially expect.

Snorkeling In Maui

Snorkeling is definitely something that you want to do if you visit Maui since there are countless options available. You can choose out of different locations that offer different surprises, ranging from really easy beach access to cruises that take you close to Molokini Crater.

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Some of the best snorkeling spots in Maui are:

  • Kapalua Bay
  • Kaanapali Beach
  • Honolua Bay
  • Ahihi Kinau Reserve

Driving To Hana

There are not many places around the world where you can say that driving to a destination is a great thing to do, a true attraction, but this is exactly what you get if you go to Hana. The scenic road takes you past many waterfalls, among others.

This drive is not for the timid driver or for people that suffer from motion sickness. It is 52 miles long and features 59 bridges and 620 curves. The drive starts in Paia and as you go to Hana, you can enjoy numerous attractions. If you are willing to also hike a little or go on a bike, even more attractions can be seen.

If you decide to drive to Hana, be sure to allow yourself some time to experience Waiananpanapa State Park’s black sand beaches and Koki Beach’s golden sands.

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Upcountry Exploration

If you reach this part of the island, you are tempted to believe that you are no longer in Maui. The area is much more like agricultural parts of Oregon or Northern California, with a rolling landscape and clear air.

If you do decide to visit the upcountry, you will most likely want to go to Kula for the Ali’I Kula Lavender Farm for souvenirs and you may want to also experience Surfing Goat Dairy. This is where goat cheese is taken to a whole new level, being sold even as truffles.

Whale Watching In Maui

Last but not least, Maui is a top destination from all around the world if you want to see whales. Between the months of December and April there are countless humpback whales that basically winter here. Those that are lucky enough can see the whales even from the beach. This is especially the case in February. However, if you want to have the best possibility of seeing a whale, you should book a whale-watching cruise.

Book your whale watching experience ahead of time with outfitters that have really good reviews online. Choose the type of adventure that best suits your wishes, ranging from large cruise ships to small-raft adventures.

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