Unknown to most people, staying in air-conditioned spaces can actually expose you to several illnesses. Health risks of spending too much time in air-conditioned spaces:
1. Development of dry skin:
Spending too much time in an air-conditioned space can actually cause your skin to be less moisturized. And if your use of moisturizers is low already, it can make you start to suffer from dry skin.
2. Headaches:
This is a rampant side-effect when you remain in an air-conditioned room for too long. It could lead to your dehydration and that can cause headaches. In case you did not know, dehydration triggers migraines.
3. Lack of tolerance for heat:
Because the air-condition ruins your natural body temperature, you will not just be able to stand the heat anymore. This can result in heat-related disasters during heat waves.
4. It aids allergies and asthma:
If you expose yourself to an AC that is not properly cleaned, you might be exposing yourself to several triggers and microbes.
5. Dehydration:
AC draws a lot of humidity from the space it works in. If you stay in one for a long time and also fail to drink water as at when due, you will be dehydrated.

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