Starting as a digital homework web platform back in late 2019, Gradely began with the mission to make every student successful at learning.  Its focus remains the same today, but it is also headlining the revolution of teaching as a profession.

“The success of every student is tied to their teacher by 80%. If you want the student to succeed, it starts first with their teacher’s contribution”, says Boye Oshinaga, CEO.

With 90,000 assessment questions and 3,000 video lessons mapped according to topics and difficulty levels, over 2,500 teachers have been using Gradely to generate and share homework, and lessons, and run live classes since 2019.

And with even more parent inclusive features added in 2020 as announced on CNN & BBC, teachers have been able to rely on Gradely to share their students’ learning journey with their parents for timely intervention.

But after more research, the company has chosen to build a free & well-defined solution that teachers need now more than ever, proving that teaching does not have to be stressful.

In more recent times, even though some companies have created learning solutions for students, there aren’t many created to solve the peculiar problems of their teachers.

“It’s easy to say that you want to build a learning solution, but you have to consider all the important parties in your process. And that’s what changes everything for us. What we have built is for teachers, and by teachers” – Teacher & Gradely Chief Learning Specialist, Adebayo Alomaja.

“Teaching has now become easy because the app has everything you need to be an impactful teacher.” – COO & Co-founder, Seyi Adelaju.

The newly launched Gradely Teacher App, available on both Google & Apple Play stores by May 21st 2022, is making teaching easy and personalised with editable, ready-made lesson presentations for classes, as well as the new feature to track the daily progress of every student in class for early intervention. 

Teachers can use the live class feature to teach students in school, at home, or in a different country miles away from them, on any day and at any time. Student assessment (exams, tests, homework, etc) reports can now be collated and shared with parents at any period during the school term within minutes. 


Before making it available to the public, the app was used by teachers in select schools across Nigeria.

“For every dedicated teacher, the concept of work-life balance is almost impossible. Gradely makes it possible for me. ” – Odom, Primary 6 Math Teacher at PottersLand Schools, Lagos.

“I was able to understand one of my students, who I thought was difficult, much better because of the resources I found on Gradely. Nothing has come close.” – Rita, Nursery School Teacher at Sanctum Startup Schools, Lagos.

“I’ve been using Gradely since the beginning of the year, and I can tell you my stress level has drastically reduced. I no longer have to worry about homework or even exams. Teaching is my passion, so this is truly life-changing.” – Yinka, Primary 5 Math Teacher at PottersLand Schools, Lagos.

One of their customer schools, Glisten Academy, an established Day & Boarding School in Abuja, also reported a 2x increase in students engagement rate after they started using Gradely for their assessments and lesson recommendations.

“The stress of writing lesson notes, sourcing educational content, creating & marking assessments is all gone.” – Gloria, English Teacher & Learning Specialist.

About 5 – 30% of African teachers are liable to suffer from burnout at any given time. 20%  of them feel more fatigued and disenchanted about their work every day, and all this ends up negatively affecting their ability to perform optimally. The Gradely Teacher App is resolving these issues in a way that works.

“On a scale of 10, my stress level reduced to 4 when I started using Gradely. It used to be a worrisome 8.” – Yinka, Primary School English Teacher at PottersLand Schools, Lagos.

It turns out that the least important tasks such as making lesson notes, sourcing educational content, creating, distributing and marking assessments are the most stressful and take the most time. But with a solution like Gradely, teaching can become an impactful and stress-free profession. Every school will want their teachers to use Gradely.

It’s free, it’s mobile, and it’s available. If you’re a teacher, you can download the Gradely Teacher App for free on Google Play or Apple stores by May 21st 2022. And if you’re not a teacher, you can share this with a teacher whose life you want to change. 



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