Got a new Windows 10 laptop? Here are the first things you should do

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After going through the process of finding the best laptop for yourself, you finally end up getting one which operates Windows 10.

The new Windows 10 laptop has arrived; what next?

Well, just like your new phone, there are things you have to do when you buy your new laptop before you consider operating it.

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Things you should do when you buy a new Windows 10 laptop

Your laptop comes as a virgin, ready to be explored. You need to do just that by following these steps:

What’s new on Microsoft?

First, you need to check for updates. Microsoft periodically rolls out new updates to enhance the user experience. Even though your laptop is new, chances are that, the version of Windows that has been installed on it is not the most current.

That is why you need to check for and apply updates.

Even though your laptop will do you the favor of checking for updates, you can do this manually by going to Settings (click the gear icon above the Start button), choosing Update & Security > Windows Update and then clicking the Check for updates button. (Or just type “updates” into the search box and click Check for updates.)

Once this process is done, you don’t need to wait for the update to run upon the next shut down.

System restore? You need it

The next thing you should check out is whether System restore is on. Most at times, it isn’t. So there is the need to turn it on.

It’s a good idea to make sure you have established a restore point should something go sideways with your laptop on down the road. To set up a restore point, search for “restore” and then click Create a restore point. You’ll be taken to the System Protection tab of the System Properties window.

From there you can choose your main system drive (likely the C: drive) and then click the Configure button. Click the radio dial for Turn on system protection if it’s not already on. And then you can choose how much disk space to reserve for your restore points. You don’t need more than 2 or 3 percent.

Remove bloatware

Many PC vendors package a new laptop with trial apps, but thankfully Windows 10 offers an easy way to see which apps are installed on your new laptop and a quick way to uninstall those you don’t want. Head to Settings > Apps > Apps & featuresand peruse the list. If you don’t want an app, click on it and then click the Uninstallbutton.

Take measures to protect the laptop

You need to take stringent measures to ensure that your laptop is protected from thieves and malware. Setting the right passwords and visiting trusted sites are very important.

Aside these, ensure that you protect your laptop from physical damage.

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