As we await the launch of the Google Pixel Buds, the dedicated Google Pixel Buds has reached the Google Play Store. With the launch date yet to be revealed, this is a clear sign that it is definitely upon us. In 2019, the standalone Stadia application came first and its release happened days after.
The Google Pixel Buds app can be downloaded on all phones that run Android 6.0 or higher, however, basic listening functions should still work on ancient devices plus other desktop and mobile operating systems.

Google Pixel Buds Play Store
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According to 9to5google, on the Play Store you will not see any “Install” button. Instead, “Update” will be visible. This is because the app is still in the Bluetooth settings and is yet to show as a standalone option. Even if Android phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro has been reported to be able to install it, running it will be impossible until you connect to a pair of Pixel Buds.
The Google Pixel Buds application will grant you access to controls for in-ear detection, adaptive sound, touch controls, Google Assistant settings, and the “Find my device.”
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