For sometimes, it has been common knowledge that having to register for a service by filling in a form is nothing but stressful and tiring.
The stress has been eased by autofill systems. However, issues like remembering whether you registered with your Google or Facebook account, if you used a password, or if you even signed up at all, still persist.
Google might have a solution if you trust the popular search engine. The company recently launched One Tap, a new system that allows you to register on websites and within applications with one touch on devices you are logged into with a Google account. Developers simply have to integrate this into their products, for users to use it.
You will not just be able to register quickly without needing to fill out a form on your Android phone.  You will also be asked to sign back in with only a click through the account you registered with. By so doing, you do not have to remember passwords or even the alias you created your account with. It will all be visible on a uniform UI that you will easily recognise, across several 3rd-party applications and services.
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The fact remains that we all love that guaranteed security while logging into services, so if that is what Google is selling, we are definitely buying. We expect One Tap to be part of a unified Google Identity Services (GIS) library for Android that will eventually replace Google Sign In and Smart Lock for Passwords.
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