Alphabet has announced that Google News is relaunching in Spain after some law changes.  In 2014, Google decided to shut down Google News in Spain after the country demanded them to pay monthly fees to Spanish newspapers.

According to the announcement by Google, the News platform will relaunch in Spain early next year after the online copyright laws have been overhauled in keeping with the European Union regulation.

Google is no longer mandated to pay a fee to the Spanish media but they can negotiate with individual publishers.

Google announced that it will be working to provide relevant and useful news stories from a wide range of resources to people in Spain like it is noted for. Google News is a great tool for Journalists and bloggers as this helps them to generate quality traffic.

The new copyright law also allows the media outlets to decide how they want their content to be discovered and how they can make money out of it.

This new development will establish a relationship between Google and the local newspapers in the country to benefit both parties.

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