Google launches ‘Gallery Go’ app for those without internet

Google Gallery Go
Google Gallery Go

Google, in order to make more people access its apps, has launched Gallery Go, a toned-down version of the Google Photos app. The offline variant Gallery Go was made with the aim of letting people living in areas with no internet also enjoy the features of Google Photos.

The app was announced at the Google for Nigeria event this week. Excitingly, the Gallery Go app is coming with AI capabilities.

Google Photos child, Gallery Go, is just 10MB in size. The app uses machine learning that provides an easy experience for its users.

The app will arrange the photos and videos according to various categories like the selfies taken, or even the kinds of food the user has tried. This should allow users to use the Gallery Go app more conveniently.

Gallery Go’s convenient use goes on to cover its ease of finding videos and photos. Just like the parent Google Photos, this app can be used to edit photos and videos.

The Gallery Go app is available for download on Google Play Store. It is available for all Android smartphones running Android 8.1 Oreo or later. People using iOS devices can’t use this app, at least for now (i.e. if Google is ever going to make an iOS version).

It doesn’t show photos that are synced via Google Photos. You’d have to open the regular Google Photos app for that.

Since it is offline, it only shows the photos that are stored locally on your phone. The order by which the media files are shown by default is the chronological order.

The main purpose of the Gallery Go app is to specifically give users the features of the much endowed Google Photos. It targets users in developing countries where internet connectivity and lower space on a budget smartphone is still a big problem.

The app itself is just 10MB and will take a small space on users’ mobile devices. Though the size seems too small, it will work alright.

In collaboration with itel phone makers, the Gallery Go app will come pre-installed on the itel S15 and A55 smartphones from August onwards.


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