Glo Mobile Ghana has introduced its “Breakthrough Products”, an airtime and data promo that gives more value to its subscribers. The first of the package is the Glo Double Double — the voice and data offer. This package gives a doubled amount whenever a subscriber recharges.

Glo also introduced the Ghana-Nigeria packs. This pack enables Glo subscribers to call or roam in Nigeria and also get huge benefits on their lines in Ghana.

Subscribing to these packages gives you the opportunity to top up airtime or data via borrowing. This is essentially helpful if you run out at odd hours or you are in a location where Glo recharge cards aren’t available.

Glo new airtime and data promo packages

Glo Double Double

The Glo airtime and data promo brings you the Glo Double Double. With this, Glo users can recharge ₵1 and instantly get another ₵1 for on-net calls. In addition, the subscriber gets free 50MB data to browse.

For ₵5 recharge, you get another ₵5 in the bonus account. A 250MB free data is added to you as well. But a ₵20 recharge earns a bonus data bundle of 1GB, which is valid for 20 good days.

The package was mainly for new subscribers but old users can also join. Old subscribers would have to dial *2019# to migrate to the offer.

Glo Data Offer

The Glo Data offer is also another package. It is available for subscribers who put their data subscriptions on auto-renew. This subscription gives you 150MB for ₵1 instead of the usual 100MB.

For ₵2, you get 320MB instead of 200MB and ₵10 gives 2.25GB instead of 1.75GB.

Glo users can enjoy this service by putting their data plans on auto-renewal then dialling *555# to subscribe.

Ghana-Nigeria packs

This new Glo airtime and data promo makes it more affordable and easy for Glo Ghana subscribers to call or roam in Nigeria. Glo is the first telecom operator to introduce such a package in Ghana.

The Voice pack

The Voice pack gives a subscriber 50 minutes for ₵25 to call Nigeria from Ghana. It is also the same price and value when the subscriber roams in Nigeria. For that same amount, the subscriber also gets 150 minutes for local Glo-to-Glo calls.

Data pack

The data pack gives 1GB Data for ₵25 in Ghana when Ghanaian subscribers  roam in Nigeria.

You can also combine the Voice and Data Packs. For that combo pack, ₵25 will give you 500MB data and 25 minutes to call or roam in Nigeria. The subscriber also enjoys 150 minutes on Glo-to-Glo calls in Ghana.

Just dial *555# and select the preferred pack.

Glo Borrow Credit/Data

Subscribers of the Glo airtime and data promo have the eligibility to borrow airtime from the network.

A subscriber just has to dial *5321# and they are in. When you recharge later, the network then deducts the amount as payment.



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