Ghent University Scholarships in Belgium offer Fully Funded opportunities to study in Belgium. Scholars from all over the world apply for Ghent University scholarships. A student gains practical experience in a diverse community that consists of scholars, allowing them to become valued members of the community.

Ghent University located in the North is interested in assisting universities and research centres in developing countries (South) to set themselves up as excellent research centres by upgrading local academic personnel.

Ghent University Scholarships in Belgium

A PhD scholarship of 24 months is being offered by Ghent University to promising PhD students from a number of southern countries who wish to conduct 50% of their PhD research at the university (the “North”) and 50% of it in a selected southern country. With the international PhD scholarships in 2022, potential PhD students can begin their careers worldwide and make a serious impact on their respective fields.

Opportunity Points

About Ghent University Scholarships in Belgium:

In exchange for the “sandwich” scholarship, the candidate will be able to complete their PhD at Ghent University for 24 months (within the span of 48 months). During the 24-month period of the scholarship, it is mandatory that the scholarship holder spends a minimum of two months in Ghent: one at the beginning of the program and one near the end of the program.

During the period when the scholarship holder is working at Ghent University, Ghent University will provide the scholarship holder with a monthly allowance. The remainder of the PhD research will be conducted at the partner university in the South for which no financial support will be provided.

Brief Description:

  • Location: Belgium
  • University: Ghent University
  • Program: PhD. Scholarships
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Deadline: 1st Feb 2022

Benefits of Ghent University Scholarships in Belgium:

  • 310 Euros will be paid monthly to the scholarship promoter as the scholarship tuition.
  • In addition to the award, Ghent University’s promoter, local promoters, and students will also receive 8,000 euros for operational costs.

Eligibility criteria of Ghent University Scholarships in Belgium:

  • Applicants from developing countries must be considered.
  • Candidates, Ghent university promoters, and South university promoters must submit a joint proposal.
  • Researchers should focus on development-related topics.
  • Ghent University is seeking applicants for its joint PhD program.
  • Preference will be given to female students.


1st Feb 2022 is the last date to apply for this Scholarship program.

How to apply for Ghent University Scholarships in Belgium:

Please see the Following Link for detailed information and the Online Application form.

Application Link


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