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Internet cost in Ghana is costly as you’d always have to pay more to get the package you’d be satisfied with. Fortunately, there is a new internet service provider in town that is trying to solve the issue of high internet cost.
Tizeti GhanaWifi is offering subscribers unlimited internet access for a whole month for the cost of just GHS 150.

GhanaWifi seeks to offer Ghanaians more for less. You are assured of a minimum speed of 5Mbps to 10Mbps. This should be exciting as a lot of ISPs in the country have way less minimum internet speeds for their customers.

With such speed, using the internet either in your home or office wouldn’t be a problem.

As an installation-and-setup-based service, interested subscribers would select a plan, then the GhanaWifi team will be at the location to offer its services. The connectivity device will be installed and set up for a fee of GHS 350, which you’d only pay once.

Benefits of choosing GhanaWifi

On GhanaWifi, everything is unlimited. From unlimited downloads to online gaming to learning on the web, you have the whole internet in your room. You can also keep your home secure by getting your home’s security systems on the GhanaWifi network. Video calls and video streaming also uninterrupted on GhanaWifi.

Value for Money

GhanaWifi gives its subscribers value for money as they give you more of what you paid for. The service’s rates are really competitive looking to fit every pocket.

Unlimited Internet

This is the hallmark of the internet service. The company says it ensures its subscribers stay connected without having to think about running out of data. Once connected, you are connected until the package expires.

Customer Support

GhanaWifi assures its customer that there is always a customer support team waiting to resolve any issues you may encounter in the quickest way possible.

GhanaWiFi Internet Plans

The GhanaWifi by Tizeti service offers two main plans. With each of these plans (the Home Internet and the Office Internet plans), there are sub-packages within. And with the Home Internet plan, you can get as low as GHS 150 per month all for unlimited internet connectivity.

Home Plan

This plan offers you 3 different sub-packages. With the lowest plan being GHS 150 for a whole month, you can also opt for the Residential Pro package, for which you get 6 months of unlimited connectivity for ₵900.

Then there is the premium Home plan: the Residential Yearly. This plan gets you 12 months for ₵1800. In addition, you get 2 months of free support from GhanaWifi.

All these packages come with around-the-clock customer support service.

Business/ Office Internet Plan

The Office Internet AKA the Business plan also has 3 packages under it. The first being the regular Business Unlimited. It costs just ₵200 for the whole month. This package can accommodate up to 10 users.

Then there is the Business Pro package, which costs 250 cedis for a month. The Pro package also accommodates up to 20 users.

The last one being the Dedicated Plans varies in cost and the number of users that can hop on to it. Since the Dedicated Plans is tailor-made, the business would have to contact the GhanaWifi team to sort things out.

Coverage of the GhanaWifi internet service

Though GhanaWifi seems a good service, it is gradually spreading its wings to cover a lot of places. At the moment, the service is only available in 2 locations in Accra: Spintex and East Legon.

Plans are being put in place to cover more locations in the country soon.

For more the service, interested people can contact GhanaWifi on its telephone number 020 106 5313. You can otherwise get in touch via their email address: GhanaWifi can be located at Plot 231, Bissau Avenue, East Legon in Accra.

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