Ghana’s KudiGO officially launches; plans to enter other African countries

Ghana’s KudiGO officially launches and plans to enter other African countries.
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KudiGO, a Ghanaian fintech startup company, has officially launched after its public beta stage. It is now catching on a USD 300,000 seed round to expand into other areas.

After a year of its public beta phase, it has now officially launched. KudiGO has the aim of providing an all-in-one retail POS for stores. The startup also aims to provide its customers with verifiable records, reliable management intelligences and get access to capital easily.

The KudiGO platform offer an integrated, mobile based retail, payments, accounting and analytics engine for consumer retails.

The Ghanaian fintech company helps businesses to receive payments and track inventories. Also, it helps them build a comprehensive and reliable financial models based on past trends.

KudiGO is a user oriented platform. Because of this, it takes network connectivity in sub Saharan Africa into consideration. It provides an offline-online sync to aid stores to have all their important information securely backed up in the cloud.

Kingsley Abrokwah said they had learnt to make simple their app directing it towards non-tech savvy users. And it has driven them to bring on board reliable trend predictions to help their users’ businesses.

“One of the key learnings over the beta period was the need to simplify the solution with a focus on usability by non-tech savvy users, while at the same time providing them with pertinent data on their business when they need it and in a format they can easily understand. This has led us to introduce a machine learning algorithm which does trend prediction, and provides this data to our users in a simple SMS with key information on things to do to improve their business,”

Their next move

Earlier this year, KudiGO had hinted that it was planning to spread into 3 new market areas. Disrupt Africa reported that the Ghanaian fintech startup had already launched in Nigeria.

Currently, it over 300 client businesses using its solution. Subsequently, more than 300,000 inventories are uploaded into its system and over 5,000 being processed.

Abrokwah asserted that KudiGO is partnering with other companies in Africa to spread their business solutions. He also hinted that they are in the process of getting a seed round of $300,000 to further their expansion.
“With our recent strategic partnership with Interswitch Group to facilitate payment processing on KudiGO Storefront, we are on track to scale to Kenya and Rwanda in the first quarter of 2019 while at the same time growing our market share in Ghana and Nigeria significantly over the period.




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