Ghana For Startups, the premier ecosystem support organization in Ghana and Pamoja Network UK, a pro bono consultancy and fellowship program coordinator, has entered into a partnership to support entrepreneurs and startups in Ghana and Ghanaian startups in the United Kingdom.
The partnership, GFS & PN For Africa, will run for a year and will include implementing projects that encourage Africa and diaspora engagement on issues around entrepreneurship.
GFS & PN For Africa will hold masterclasses, webinars, and offer pro-bono consulting services, which will enable entrepreneurs to position themselves strategically for a post-covid economy.
Through Pamoja Networks (UK), the partnership will connect the African diaspora to the startup ecosystem in Africa, giving businesses access to experts who will support their recovery and growth journey.
Ghana for Startups partners with Pamoja NetworkPin
Gilles Ametepe, Co-founder and Snr. Partner, Policy & Institutional Relations of Ghana For Startups, said: We are delighted to partner Pamoja on this key project as part of our “Together for Growth”  and covid-19 recovery agenda. Entrepreneurship is crucial to the development of  Ghana, especially in our journey to recover from the challenges born out of the covid-19 pandemic. We shall be working with Pamoja to address key needs of startups and provide them with the needed support to build a post-covid economy for Ghana.”
Chief Executive Officer of Pamoja Network UK, Jason Kitenge, added that: “Working with Ghana for Startups allows Pamoja to spread its value to the growing and exciting Ghanian startup ecosystem. This partnership demonstrates our intent to move forward in building a platform connecting startups across Africa to talent in the diaspora and beyond. In this post-covid period, we believe now is a great time to offer strategic relief where demanded.”
Besides Ghana and the United Kingdom, the project will gradually cover other ecosystems on the continent.
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