Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is continually gaining popularity among millennials hence the allure it has to the experienced and first-time investors. The main magnetism of Bitcoin is due to the fact that it is decentralized: there is no governing authority that has control over it. Looking to invest in Bitcoin or bitcoin price prediction?
Here are tips on how to go about it effectively:

1. Make a Bitcoin wallet

The first step is to sign up for a digital wallet. A digital wallet is actually a digital account which facilitates the buying, selling and storing of your Bitcoin. Signing up for a digital wallet is quite easy and can be done online in sixty seconds.
There are various types of digital wallets depending on the platform:

Apps (for Smartphones)

These are the most popular type of Bitcoin wallets. You can download them to your Smartphones or tablet via Playstore. There are several options for Android users (Mycelium and Samurai), while iOS users have an option of downloading Edge or Brea wallet.

Windows platform (for desktops)

There are various digital wallets that you can download for housing your Bitcoin wallet offline: the most popular is Electrum.

Online wallets

There are websites that provide online Bitcoin wallets. This is the most convenient way to buy and sell Bitcoins in little quantities. Luno provides an easy and secure way of buying and storing Bitcoin.


Physical devices that are the ideal for buying and storing large sums of Bitcoin for a long duration of time. This allows you complete control even when you are offline and there is no danger of hacking.

2. Linking Bitcoin wallet to your bank account

After getting a digital wallet you have to link it to your bank account so that you can buy Bitcoin. Sign up for an online payment service like PayPal and link it to your bank account. The online payment service provides a link between your bank account and Bitcoin wallet through which you can make payments.
In case you need to purchase a substantial amount of Bitcoin then connect your bank account through ACH transfer because it has a higher buying limit.
Bitcoin ATM: This is also a good alternative to purchasing Bitcoins. A Bitcoin ATM allows you to insert cash so as to buy Bitcoin. Use the link to locate a Bitcoin ATM in your location

3. Buying Bitcoin

Once you have linked Bitcoin to your bank account you can now proceed to purchase or sell Bitcoin according to their current value on the Bitcoin exchange market. The exchange market will direct you on much money that you can trade in to buy a specific quantity of Bitcoin. The value of one Bitcoin at the end of 2018 was $9.

4. Making money out of your investment

Bitcoin trading

This is done through Bitcoin exchange which is an online marketplace for the buying and selling of Bitcoin. There several options available: ensure that you select a reputable exchange. Reputable choices include Virtex, Bitcoinshop, Circle, Binance, Exuodia and Kraken. Just like stock exchange the best way to make from Bitcoin is through buying and selling. To maximize your profits buy Bitcoin when the dollar exchange rate is low and sell it when the exchange rate is high. 

Mine Bitcoins

Mining is a complex computing process that creates Bitcoins. When you use your computer to solve complex problems you receive rewards in the form of Bitcoin. Doing it alone is a difficult task. Consider joining a group of experienced miners so that you can solve problems collectively and share the prizes.

Keep updated on current Bitcoin market developments

The best way to secure your Bitcoin investment is to frequently monitor Bitcoin market trends. To enrich your Bitcoin market information, join a Bitcoin discussion forum which will enable you to keep in touch with other investors and together you can predict Bitcoin market trends.
Bitcoin is bound to become the main global currency in the near future: this is because the probability of making a profit with Bitcoin is more than the potential of incurring any loss. The potential of Bitcoin will ensure it attains its rightful position as a legal tender for domestic and international trade. You don’t have to grasp the intricacies of Bitcoin market, all you have to know is how to handle the basics of investing in Bitcoin market as described above and you can be assured of getting a substantial return for each dollar you invest. So you can enjoy btc to usd.

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