Nonprofit organizations have traditionally relied on the generosity of their donors to help them run their missions. They hold several meetings, drives, campaigns, and fundraisers to ensure that donors are aware of the work done by nonprofits. Gathering funds becomes second nature for organizations and a lot of their efforts get diverted to it instead of their causes.

The division of attention within nonprofits is the primary reason why fundraisers are important. Fundraisers and using fundraising platforms are a quick way to accrue a huge amount of funds in a short period. While there is an element of planning and preparation required to make sure fundraisers take place smoothly, it still is the fastest way to acquire maximum funds.

The perils of hosting fundraisers during COVID-19

Each year organizations host dozens of fundraisers and start work on causes that can greatly benefit communities. The past year, however, has been a different story. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought every possible activity to a screeching halt. The social distancing norms and the encouragement of mask wear, coupled with fear in the air means that people have abandoned hope of meeting in public places.

The sheer chaos from the prohibition of conducting businesses regularly has resulted in businesses moving their entire operations online, overnight. Nonprofits have also been deeply impacted by the pandemic and have had to cancel all their plans for fundraisers. The result in loss has forced a lot of smaller nonprofits to shut down. So what can your nonprofit do about it?

While virtual fundraisers have become the norm, we should not forget that traditional fundraisers are still the bread and butter of nonprofits. Despite the oddities, we will soon be headed back to the way things were and we want to remind you of the reasons why fundraisers are important.

Why should you still host fundraisers? Five great reasons

The challenges with other methods

Perhaps the biggest reason for the success of fundraisers boils down to the fact that it attracts donors. We know that nonprofits run several campaigns over a year. These can be in person or online, but none will gather the same amount of support that an in-person fundraiser can. Fundraisers are built upon the fact that new people are routinely invited to contribute and you can gather new donors during each event.

Therefore, hosting elaborate events that your attendees can enjoy is a must for any nonprofit. Make it lucrative by organizing events that potential donors will be eager to attend. You ideally want to charge them a fee disguised as a ticket. These events also act as a hotspot for attendees to socialize, giving nonprofits better access to a crop of new donors.

Bring about awareness for your cause

You can promote your nonprofit and its mission all you want through channels such as social media and other forms of marketing. The truth is with the endless amount of information that floats around the internet, it is very easy for nonprofits to lose their voices. Through fundraisers, nonprofits can firmly point the spotlight on their mission.

Through fundraising events, you can update donors on the progress of your nonprofit’s mission and objectives. You can show them a clearly defined timeline, discuss new developments, and highlight the importance of their contributions. Supporters are always keen to find out what their money is being used for and what progress has a nonprofit made.

Strengthen existing relationships

Hosting a fundraiser is a challenging task. There are multiple moving parts and coordination can be quite a hassle. One of the ways nonprofits hosts a lot of events is by utilizing volunteers. Volunteers are an integral part of a nonprofit. It is their belief in the cause and their willingness to work that help a nonprofit pull of incredibly difficult tasks.

When you host fundraisers together, not only are you bringing donors together but you will also be bonding with your volunteers. The more time they spend helping your cause out, the more inclined they will be to continue with their efforts.

Build donor base

Whenever you host a fundraiser, chances are your invitees show up with a plus 1. If you are not already doing this, it is high time your nonprofit urged invitees to come with a plus 1. Through these additional guests, you are basically gathering more support. They often have no idea about your organization and what they do. So what better way to show them than a fundraiser.

A donor base is crucial for nonprofits to function. They continuously need funds to complete objectives and a good donor base is often built through fundraisers. As a nonprofit you need to actively work on advertising your fundraiser and urging people to come.

Recognizing your donors and establishing a relationship

Fundraisers are held to applaud the support of the donors. Sure, they bring much-needed attention to the cause and what the nonprofit has been doing, but more importantly, fundraisers are events where you can thank donors personally. A gesture of thanks and appreciation goes a long way in securing a long term relationship with donors.

Meeting your donors in person, engaging with them in a conversation, and discussing the growth of your nonprpofit will leave a much more lasting impression than an email or a text. Once they have an imprint of you and your organization, online donations and other forms of contributions become easier.

Concluding thoughts

Even if it may seem a little premature to be hosting fundraisers, there is no harm in planning one. Eventually, we will revert back to our old ways, human beings are social creatures after all. The better you plan your fundraiser, the more benefits your nonprofit will get.

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