Even if WhatsApp is a popular app due to its vital ability to enable the sending of messages from one individual to another, there are still fresh features that users are yet to know about or experience.
These new features are both available on the normal and beta versions of the application on the Play Store.
If you missed them, not to worry, let’s give you a fast review of the new features that has made WhatsApp more unique:

1. Group invite

This new feature is currently accessible by only beta users. With this fresh privacy setting, WhatsApp users can now be in full control of how they get added to groups. It is now possible to modify your group setting to “nobody” “everyone” or “my contact”. If your preferred option is nobody, before anyone adds you to a group, your permission will be needed.

2. Consecutive voice messages

This fresh feature will let you play voice notes one by one without needing to click on them. This means you can play all the voice messages you receive in a particular order of your choice. Only Android WhatsApp users can enjoy this now though.

New Whatsapp features

3. Forwarding label

This feature was launched to curb the spread of fake news. Anytime a message is forwarded on WhatsApp from now on, everyone will know because a “forwarded” label will be attached to it.

4. Intelligence-based status tab

Previously, WhatsApp statuses were shown chronologically. But right now, users will see the statuses of phone numbers they often chat with first.

5. Profile pic download deactivated

A new update also disables the downloading of profile pics. This will surely improve the privacy of your profile pic.

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