10 Frequently Asked Questions about Ghana passport application

Are you seeking quick answers to common questions concerning your Ghana passport application? Believe us to clear all your doubts about your online Ghana passport application.

Many frequently asked questions concerning the online application for a Ghana passport have been asked. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has compiled a list of them; see below.

1. What are the payment channels for processing fees?


Bank Channels

  • Ecobank Ghana – VISA & MasterCard, MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash
  • GCB Bank – Vodafone Cash.
  • Ghana.Gov– Branches nationwide.
  • Zenith Bank Ghana – MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, VISA & MasterCard.

2. What is the difference between Standard and Expedited types of applications?

ANS: The Standard category type of passport is regular, which can take a month on average before collection. The Expedited type is known as “express” as it takes less time for collection with a minimum of 15 days, hence the price difference.

3. How can one contact them for guidelines or help?

ANS: Reach them via their support lines: 030 273 8473, 030 700 8222.

4. How can I locate a Passport Application Centre


  1. Accra PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE at Kinbu Road (Old Foreign Affairs)
  2. Kumasi PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE at Guggisberg Road, Opposite PWD, Adum, Ministries
  3. Takoradi PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE    at Ghana Immigration Head Quarters (Within the Regional Administration)
  4. Sunyani PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE     Adjacent to Jubilee (shares a wall with the Park)
  5. Ho PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE at Regional Administration (Shares building with Immigration)
  6. Tamale PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE at Police Park (Old Library)
  8. Premium PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE – Accra at Accra Digital Center, Adjacent State Housing Company, Ring Road West, Accra
  9. Tema PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE at Former IRS Office, Community 4, Tema
  10. Koforidua PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE at PWD Office, SSNIT Office Area, Koforidua.
  11. Premium PASSPORT APPLICATION CENTRE – Kumasi, 2nd Floor, Thankful Heights Building, Adum, Kumasi

5. Can applicants under 18 apply?

ANS: Yes, but they need their birth certificate and Parents/Guardians’ Identity Card.

6. What do I need to apply for if my passport is missing?

ANS: You will need a Police Report, Affidavit, Proof of Identity and a Birth Certificate.

7. If my passport is damaged beyond recognition, can I apply for another one?

how to apply for your Ghana passport
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ANS: Yes, you can apply for another, but you need your old damaged passport and an affidavit to apply.

8. In case of a divorce, marriage or any other factor that causes a change of name, can I apply for a passport?

ANS: Your Old passport can be changed, but you need an Affidavit, marriage certificate (if married), and divorce certificate (if divorced) to apply for a new one.

9. Can I renew my passport to the recent 10-year duration passport even if my old passport hasn’t expired?

ANS: Yes, you can, it will go through the process of renewal, and one can start using the new passport once issued. Contact any Passport Application Centre for further information.

10. In case of travel whereby old passport info has been used in applications, how can I prove with my new passport I am the bearer of the former?

ANS: Your Old passport can be affixed to your new passport as proof that you processed a renewal. Visit any Passport Application Centre for further info.

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