The number one trending search term on Google Nigeria in the last one month is “How to make bread?,” followed by “Who is Abba Kyari?”
The global tech company recently revealed that the top trending questions on Google Search Nigeria over the last 30 days were dominated by food and current affairs related questions. According to Google, the fact that lockdown has been happening in the country has led to several citizens getting involved in cooking and baking to pass time.
According to PunchNG, the top 10 questions over the past 30 days in Nigeria were:

Food current affairs Google Search Nigeria
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  • “Who is Abba Kyari?”
  • “How to prepare hand sanitizer?”
  • “Where is Buhari?”
  • “When is school resuming in Nigeria?”
  • “How to draw?”
  • “Is there movement in Lagos tomorrow?”
  • “When is WAEC starting?”
  • “When is Ramadan 2020 starting?”
  • “Is there a cure for coronavirus?”
  • “How to lose weight?”

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