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  1. Restart your iPhone/iPad: According to Techlector, restarting your iOS device can rectify minor software problems, and screen not rotating is not excluded.

2. Does the application support screen orientation?: Some applications support just portrait or landscape mode and this will definitely stop you from viewing contents in different screen orientation. You can launch and try another app like Safari or Notes to access the feature. Also, always remember that the home screen on your iPhone or iPad never rotates. That can only happen on the plus-sized devices like iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus.

fix iPhone screen not rotating
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3. Check the display zoom: As I wrote earlier, the plus-sized iPhones can rotate the Home screen layout. So if you own that iPhone plus and the home screen fails to rotate, check the Display Zoom in Settings. Just access SettingsDisplay & BrightnessView (under DISPLAY ZOOM). If the Display Zoom is set to “Zoomed”, change it to “Standard” and that should fix the issue. For more stories of this nature, visit
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