Five ways to be creative which people do not know

how to be creative

To be creative is you allowing yourself to create something with your imaginations or original ideas.

• Give yourself the go-ahead to create rubbish

In any creative effort, one has to allow his/ her self to create rubbish which is where you will really know about creative ideas. A creative mind needs to try more than a thousand time to come up with just one “sensible” awareness which will later expose him\her as a genius.

• Create on a plan

Allowing yourself to create consistently makes you realize your hidden abilities as an individual who has a vision and wants to make it a reality. Practising your craft over and over is the only way to become the mastermind behind the creativity, if you want to do your best creative work then don’t leave it up to choice.
“Never wake up to think of getting inspired before you create”. Take a step because genius arrives when you show up enough times to get average ideas out of the way.

• Finish something

Never leave an idea created unfinished, do anything by researching, asking questions and plan just to get your imaginations done. it doesn’t matter how good or bad it is because you do not have to get the world impressed with your first try, you just have to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to produce something out of your creative idea.

• Halt judging your own work

It is very normal for everyone who creates something on a consistent basis to judge his or her own work. It is natural to judge yourself but the more you do that, you begin to look down upon yourself which at the end will make you feel useless. You have to keep practising enough self- compassion to not let self-judgment take over, care about your work and learn to laugh at your wrong doings and not getting too serious with work.

• Hold yourself accountable

Yes, be able to share your work with the public. Doing that will make you accountable to create new ideas which will enable you to arrive at your best work. It will provide you feedback for doing better work, seeing that people really liked your creative work will inspire you and make you care about the work and how to make them better,
Sometimes dealing with the public, you have to be prepared for praises and critics as well (haters). But always remember everybody would love to be the most talked about and therefore never look doing upon yourself when critics eat you up but always have the heart to accept them and push harder because the world is looking for people with creative ideas.

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