Undoubtedly, Ghana’s drive towards a cashless economy cannot be achieved without Financial Technology — FinTech. We’ve been pushed to an era where most people use mobile money services in the country, and have seen the birth of FinTech companies who render financial services and also provide foreign remittance services from countries across the world.

Listed in no particular order, here’s a list of FinTech companies in Ghana, driving Ghana’s cashless economy drift with innovative ideas.

FinTech companies in Ghana

Cube Robotic Limited

Cube Robotic Limited provides a financial technology service dubbed Finance Plus (F+). Finance Plus is a custom software building service, with developers who use their technical expertise to help Micro-finances, Credit Unions, and Rural Banks who lack the core banking systems to grow. Finance Plus helps facilitate the growth of these financial institutions with tailor-made specialised software.

BezoMoney Technologies Limited

BezoMoney provides a digital solution to informal savings schemes, allowing savings groups and individuals via their digital savings platform. BezoMoney has a wallet for each of the individuals who save with them. The digital savings platform provides access to loans and helps those saving with them create a comprehensive savings history to ensure transparency.  Bezo Money also provides investments, investment payment options, insurance, group purchase, and pensions services.

iPay Solutions

With the ultimate goal of ensuring an easier means to transfer money across Africa, iPay Ghana, established in 2017, saw the need to create a relevant technology for Africa, that will eliminate the complexities of making and receiving payments. Because of this, iPay has been positioned to be a one-stop shop for many payment solutions.

iPay currently provides avenues for online, in-shop, and off shop payment of goods and services. All that’s needed to effect the transaction is a mobile phone — to ensure ease of payment that empowers businesses to grow and the absolute convenience of customers.

Zeepay Ghana Limited

Zeepay’s fintech company is more focused on international remittances. With operations across Africa, Zeepay provides a platform for inbound international payments from European countries like UK, Germany, Italy, and Holland to African countries like Ghana.

Zeepay provides international remittance services, domestic transfer services, bill payment, and even mobile money services. They recently obtained a license from the Bank of Ghana to roll out Zeepay mobile money in Ghana, which allows users to send and receive money across all networks in Ghana.


ExpressPay is a leading payment gateway and e-commerce market place. Formally, a domestic electronic payment platform, ExpressPay, now provides eCommerce services like airtime purchase for all networks in Ghana, bill payments for pay-TV subscriptions, hotel services, and school fees.

Also, a leading Visa Payment Technology Provider (PTP) and Visa eCommerce processor in Ghana, ExpressPay supports all international payments including MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Visa as earlier noted. Founders of ExpressPay recently received the Man of the Year Technology at the enviable Exclusive Man of the Year Awards (EMY) Africa, for their immerse feats in Ghana’s growing Fintech industry.

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Ozé is a Ghanaian startup that provides small business owners and entrepreneurs tools and resources like the requisite data for lifting those businesses to the level of global competitiveness.

Ozé has currently positioned itself as the business coach that helps SMEs grow and access credit by equipping them with data for making decisions that increase their investment readiness. Ozé developed an app that tracks the daily expenses of a business. The app can be used by business owners for financial calculations bringing them up to speed, updates, and alerts about the health of their business.


Kwidex is a Ghanaian agri-funding startup that uses its crowdfunding platform to fund farmers and agribusinesses in Ghana. The web platform, Kwidex helps farmers and agribusiness to access funds from the public, who in turn get a share of the farmer’s profit at the end of the farming period. With Kwidex, you set rates of repayment, from which the agri-funding platform charges its commission.

Kwidex successfully rolled out its public beta last year, where it helped 60 farmers and raised nearly US$ 10,000 for farms. Kwidex also got a pre-seeding fund of US$ 10,000 from DAI Global LLC last year. The brains behind Kwidex received a cash prize of GHS 20,000 for winning the first-ever Betway Fintech Challenge and then resolved to start Kwidex in 2019 after participating in the Kosmos Innovation Center Agri-Tech Challenge.


Nvoicia – Growth Factor Technologies is a business financing Fintech Company that stimulates growth by providing financial solutions for Micro-Small/Medium Entities (MSMEs). Nvoicia provides an avenue that enables credit clients of Small and Medium enterprises to pay them within 24 hours. This prevents late payment-induced cash flow issues of these businesses. Nvoicia was founded in 2018 by a team of 4 2018 graduates from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.


Founded in 2005, Hubtel was made to help businesses manage payments and communications with its customers. Hubtel does so by organising sales processes in-store, online, and on mobile for these businesses, allowing customers to buy and pay for items. Hubtel delivers these items to them in minutes.


Bitsika is an app that uses blockchain technology helps users across Africa to receive money from any part of the world instantly, at no cost. The app allows its users to create a virtual shopping card, which can be used for making payments on all online Visa card-accepting stores.


PennySmart just as its name suggests provides you with a smart way to save your penny. This savings oriented platform gives you interests on your savings account. The savings platform gives you the convenience of determining the amount you want to save and how often the amount should be deducted into your savings account.

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Inclusive Financial Technologies

Inclusive Financial Technologies offers a platform through their Inclusive ID API that enables unbanked Africans to connect to the global economy. With the single identity verification API, African customers of banks can participate in cross-border trade and also access financial services remotely.
FinTech companies in GhanaPin


Logiciel Ghana

Logiciel Ghana, an innovative cash mobility platform, makes banking and money transfer so easy in Africa. The company uses IT cloud and mobile technologies to help financial institutions, cash-based enterprises and even governments to increase their revenues and improve on their efficient money mobilisation and distribution service. Logiciel does this by assisting governments in closing revenue loopholes in tolls and tax collection processes, and financial institutions, by giving them a much easier way to sell their banking products.


Damansah provides a smart and effective way for informal entrepreneurs to manage their finances properly. This is done by helping them collect and organise their finances while increasing their sales.  Damansah provides all these services through their Damansah Smartshop mobile app. Damansah is an Ivory Coast-based fintech company currently in operating in Ghana.


PaySail is a payroll service provider that helps employers to undertake the processes involved in paying their employees efficiently. It helps them organise employee records, compute payroll taxes and social security contributions, generate payslips and finally effect the salary payment. PaySail is based in Accra, Ghana and has in active operation since 2014.


DigiTeller is a self banking platform that allows banks to communicate with customers to check their account balances effortlessly, find ATMs, create accounts and lot more without having to go to the bank.

Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems(GhiPSS)

Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems(GhiPSS) is a Government of Ghana agency, which undertakes financial technology by interconnecting banks. They ensure all ATMs and E-zwitch POS are linked so that customers of all banks in Ghana can cross-use them with convenience.

GhiPSS is wholly owned by the Bank of Ghana and has been mandated to implement and manage a payment system infrastructure for all financial institutions in Ghana, which enables them to communicate and exchange data. This payment infrastructure is what all banks in Ghana are now using.

Services currently offered on the GhiPSS payment infrastructure includes the Cheque Codeline Clearing(CCC) system, National Switching and Processing System-gh-link, National Switch & Biometric Smart Card Payment System, e-zwich and the Ghana Automated Clearing House (GACH) systems – Direct Credit And Direct Debit.


Clydestone is one of the oldest running payment system service providers in Ghana. Founded in 1989, the ICT company currently offers services like Acquirer Authentication Platform for payment platforms like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, among others. Clydestone also provides vital services like Global switch(G-Switch), G-secure issuance as well as Cheque Truncation and ACH Systems. The company is also operational in Nigeria, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

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IT Consortium

IT Consortium is a financial services technology solutions provider, which provides products that cut across various sectors of our economy. These services include Mobile Banking, Debit Order, School Fees, Fidelity Y’ello Save, Foon & Pay, Mobile Teller, cardless ATMs, among others. It is currently one of the leading financial services providers in Africa.

BlueSPACE Africa

BlueSPACE Africa is a pan African business Financial Technology integration company, which builds systems aimed at securing transactions. BlueSPACE currently offers service packages like BlueCash, Blue Trade, BlueTRX, BlueHost, BluePay and BlueX.


PaySwitch is a payment processing company, which provides integrated payment solutions. PaySwitch currently works with commercial banks, non-banking financial institutions and telecommunications networks providing ease of payment. PaySwitch was established in 2015.

Bloom Impact

Bloom Impact helps small business owners grow their business by providing them with an easy means of securing finance through their smartphones. Bloom Impact does so working with partners like the commercial banks, Microfinance institutions and P2P crowdfunders. They have digitised business funding to the extent that, as a business owner, all you need is a mobile phone to access it.

Apart from the loans, Bloom impact also help these business owners by providing them with savings accounts.  Bloom Impact was founded in 2017 by Carol Caruso and David Hutchful.


Mazzuma is a mobile money payment system that allows its users to send and receive money across all networks in Ghana, and services such as airtime purchases and bill payment options all at no cost.

Mazzuma provides a convenient remittance service that allows users to receive money from Europe into their mobile money accounts in Ghana. The company sells MAZ tokens, which powers these global cross border and P2P payments. It also does so by using cryptocurrency. It can integrate its services into online shops via a plugin so that MAZ tokens can be used to make payment on such platforms.

It also has Mazzuma Bots, which allows you to send and receive money on Telegram and Messenger, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and developer APIs that integrates Mazzuma payments into websites and mobile applications. Mazzuma was founded by Nii-Osai Osai-Dade and Kofi Genfi  in 2017.

Written by iChris.

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