IVF can be emotionally and financially draining. There is not one but, multiple reasons for the failure of the treatment. If you are suffering from the collapse of the IVF procedure; that never indicates that you cannot conceive.
There are multiple possibilities of performing an IVF; a failure once never indicates that you cannot get pregnant. One can receive the Infertility Treatment in India with a high success rate. However, there can be a few chances of failure of the procedure, and it depends on certain factors.
Here is the list of factors that cause the failure of the IVF procedure and also, the reasons that one should not give up easily.


Number of eggs in the total life span of the women are pre-defined. With the increase in age, the quality of eggs might continuously get affected. There might be a lack in quality of eggs especially after the age of 35 years. So, if you are above the age of 35 years and your first IVF cycle was a failure, then you should undoubtedly go for the next cycle. The doctor would perform the diagnosis procedure again, and seek the help of donor eggs if required. The support of quality donor eggs will lead to getting a desired result of the treatment.

Chromosomal Problems:

The fertilisation requires a total chromosomal count of 46 chromosomes. Out of which, 23 chromosomes come from a female partner, and rest 23 chromosomes are a part of the sperms. In case there is variation in the total chromosomal count, the doctors perform the test on the patient. The diagnosis procedure is performed both on the male and the female partner. Now, the next cycle is proceeded with the donor eggs or the sperms, based on the defect found in either of the partners.

Quality of The Embryo:

The embryo is made through the artificial fertilisation in the lab. In spite of the prolonged test on both the partners, there may be a fault in the quality of the embryo. The problem is generally during the implantation process if there is no problem in the quality of the sperm and the eggs during the tests. In such a scenario, the patient should reconsider the choice of doctor. It is always recommended that you must choose an experienced professional for the IVf procedure. The wrong choice of doctor is also a cause of failure of your IVF procedure at times. At times, the doctor implants all the embryos that are formed through IVF in your womb. Though multiple embryos are acceptable to enhance the success result of the treatment, to a specific limit. If the limit is ignored, the result is the failure of the pregnancy.

Final Words:

One of the most significant reasons for considering your treatment in India is the IVF Process Cost in India. So, even if your IVF procedure fails, you are capable of planning the next cycle. The financial disbalance should not stop you from undergoing the treatment procedure.

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