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The world is going through a digital evolution. This has affected every aspect of our lives, especially the way we socialize and network. In the next few years, the trend will obviously continue and with everything including jobs being digitized, it has become very important that digital skills are picked early. That is why I am of the opinion that children should not be deprived of accessing digital means of communication (Social Media to be precise).

However, due to the vulnerability of children when it comes to addiction, child abuse and kidnapping among others, it is important that you put in some measure to check and control the activities of your kids online. By so doing, you are not depriving your kids of picking up digital skills early and you are protecting them as well. That is why I recommend Facebook Messenger Kids for you.

About Facebook Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is a free video calling and messaging app designed for kids to connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone. Your kids can only connect with contacts you have approved. This creates a more controlled environment. It works like every normal messaging app with a beautiful interface, video calling feature and kids appropriate masks among others.

You are in full control of who your child chats with. Also, messages don’t disappear and can’t be hidden in case you would like to check in.

You can set your child up on the app in four steps:

  1. Download the Messenger Kids app on your child’s iPad or iPhone. You can use Messenger on your preferred device to talk with your child, who will use the separate Messenger Kids app.
  2. Authenticate your child’s device using your own Facebook login and password. This won’t create a Facebook account for your child or give them access to your Facebook account.
  3. Create an account for your child by adding his or her name. Then the device can be handed over to the child so they can start chatting with family and friends you approve.
  4. Add friends and family and review contact requests for your child from the Messenger Kids parental controls within Facebook.

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