In recent years, Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook company keep making changes to the social platform implying that private messaging is a top priority on the company’s list.  With that, the company plans to bring the Facebook Messenger app to the desktop for both Windows and Mac machines.

The announcement of bringing the popular messaging app to Mac and Windows came at the company’s F8 developer conference in San Jose, California. According to the announcement, Facebook plans to bring Messenger to desktop later this year.

The development speed for computers over the years has reduced since mobile phones keep becoming a popular thing. Since the mobile phone population outnumbers desktop computers’ population, the development on desktops is sure to be slow.

More mobile phones mean more mobile apps, especially, messaging apps. But what about the office workers who aren’t supposed to be on the phone during work hours. Even if the work requires using mobile phones to share info among workers during work hours, working with different devices, i.e., phones and desktops, can be hectic.

So why not integrate what’s on the mobile device into the desktop computer? That is exactly what Facebook is trying to do here. Incorporate mobile messaging apps into desktop for easy info sharing.

On the other side, this can help bring profit to Messenger. The company just have to make the desktop version a more attractive place where businesses can buy ads and run campaigns.

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Some features coming on the Messenger for desktop

Facebook is a business entity and everything it does, it seeks to gain some revenue from it in the long run. With the Messenger for desktop, Facebook will definitely add some business tools to it. The company aims to make the Messenger app the primary medium for businesses to run their marketing and customer care services.

Confirmed features of the incoming desktop version of Messenger are audio calls and group video calls. Other important features from the mobile version will also appear on the desktop version.

Facebook Messenger for desktop is being tested currently. For when it will be released, the company said, “later this year”.



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