Facebook is planning on removing Like counts

Facebook to remove Likes Count

Facebook is thinking of hiding the Like counts on the Facebook platform as it is doing with the Instagram platform. The company wants soon start hiding the Like counter on News Feed posts as it says this is to protect users’ from envy and discourage them from self-censorship.

Instagram’s own is already being tested out in 7 countries, including Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, and Japan. The change only shows a post’s audience just a few mutual friends who have “Liked” the post. It doesn’t show the total number of people who have liked it anymore.

Facebook’s reason for bringing this change is that it’s trying to deter people from comparing themselves to others who have loads of likes on their posts. To Facebook, this kind of comparison could be destructive and make people feel less of themselves if their posts don’t get those plenty Likes too.

Facebook’s plan to hide the Like counts was spotted by Reverse Engineer, Jane Wong. The social network was trying the new feature out in the Facebook app for Android. According to TechCrunch, Facebook has confirmed that it has plans to remove the Likes counts on Facebook posts.

From Instagram’s Likes-hiding experiment, a post’s author can still see the total number of Likes on their posts, but everyone else can’t. The company has not shared the results from the Instagram Like hiding tests yet but Facebook copying it could mean the Instagram testing is going well or it has not met so much adverse effect.

The feature is not ready for users yet. Well, if the company brings it to the Facebook platform and it backfires, for instance, if it hurts usage or ad revenue significantly, it will definitely be pulled back. Facebook’s exact motives or any schedule for starting tests for the Like-hiding feature on the Facebook platform was not revealed.

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