Facebook has reportedly rescinded the decision to put ads on WhatsApp as it announced last year. The team, put together by the company to come up with the best ways to build ads into the popular messaging app has now been disbanded and their work has been “deleted from WhatsApp’s code”.
According to the report from The Wall Street Journal, though Facebook has dropped WhatsApp advertisements for now, the company still aims to put ads into WhatsApp’s Status feature.
For those who didn’t know, the ads on WhatsApp brouhaha led to the stepping down of WhatsApp founders, Brian Acton and Jan Kuom, in 2018. The duo has since been criticising the unchecked and too-powerful Facebook.
WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $22 billion. Since then, the parent company has been finding ways to monetise the messaging app. And with the number of people using the app, monetisation would have been a good move for the company.

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