extra sleep benefits for young players

If you are a parent of a young player or a young player yourself, proper sleep is a very often overlooked thing. Look at yourself or the youngest players, they are working hard, and they are also socializing with friends and burning the energy at both ends. If they are training at a camp or a gym, they are also doing something very strenuous for a certain period of time.

All the young athletes get extremely tired after their workout or the game. So young athletes certainly need more sleep because the recovery time is equally important and it only happens during sleep. Everybody can benefit from an hour of extra rest and make sure that you just time get.

What do the experts say?

If you get less than eight hours of sleep, you are at a 68% chance of higher injury rate than those who get eight hours. We are always staying up with Late Night Games, homework, practice, hobbies and social life, Aren’t they enough for causing a disturbance in the sleep cycle? Bert Felder who is a reputed athletic that a lack of sleep could put your entire training season in jeopardy. It is why sleep for athletes are so much into talk recently.

How Much of Difference Can extra sleep Make?

The body is wasting little to no energy when it is sleeping. So they can put all its forces towards repairing those muscles, those bruises, and those minor aches. That is why sleep for athletes is necessary to recover fast with that extra hour of sleep. Sometimes it’s difficult to get enough sleep during the school year. But for student athletes, they can be risking their health for not getting enough sleep.

It comes down to priorities and if you want to have a whether successful Xbox career or athletic career. If you’re going to pursue the Xbox career, we would say keep playing the Xbox and worry less about sleep. But if you want to try to be healthy and functioning. You need to prioritize and get that eight hours of sleep.

The relation between sleep and Injury for young players

Without enough rest, teenage athletes are putting themselves at a higher risk for injury. With one recent study in California recording a 57% injury rate for student’s athletes getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night. Over the 21 month period, young athletes who didn’t sleep enough reported more injuries than those who did.

Sleep is important for all teenagers as their bodies are undergoing a lot of change. For students who are physically active and taking part in sports on a regular basis especially at a high school level extra stress being placed on the body through training and games. Sleeping is in the right ways is important to speed up the recovery process for high school athletes.

How to get proper sleep for young players

The sleep is usually something that is often sacrificed for attending school practice or complete in games do homework and study and also spends time relaxing with family and friends. So you kind of need to prioritize what it is you are trying to achieve. So be mindful about your work and responsibilities. There are some steps you can take to ensure you are getting enough sleep.

  • Make a schedule
  • get to bed at the same time every night
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Find ways to reduce stress


It is recommended by the national sleep foundation that teenagers get in   8 hours of sleep per night. There is a major chunk of time unavailable to facilitate sleep by eliminating distraction it is important that you are balancing your time well. Look out for days when you have nothing to do for extra sleep and boost performance.

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