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Dream Insight Foundation presents its maiden edition of the Change Africa Summit.

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah argued in his book “Neo-Colonialism, the last stage of imperialism” that the continent Africa holds over 70% of the world’s natural resources.

Years down the line, the continent remains the poorest in the world.

The question it brings then is, if Africa is so rich in resources, why is it then the poorest continent in the world?

This is what CHANGE AFRICA SUMMIT is all about.

The theme for the maiden edition of the CHANGE AFRICA SUMMIT is positioning yourself to meet future economic change

Very seasoned and experienced speakers such as Mrs. Claudia Lumor (CEO of Glitz Africa), Randy Osei (CEO Kharis Group), Dr. Osei Kusi (Executive President Osei Kusi Foundation), Lexis Bill (Communication Expert and Drive Time Host – Joy Fm), Kafui Dey (Programs Manager, GHOne TV), etc will speak on topics such as;

  • Branding
  • Investment
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurship

Hosted by Morning Show Host at Pan African Television Kwame Owusu Danso

Tickets is going for a cool GHS 25 Ghana cedis

The Venue for summit is the National theatre and date is March 23, 2017.
There will be free buses to convey students to and from the national theatre.

Certificates of participation will be awarded to participants.


  • Participating in the CHANGE AFRICA SUMMIT gives you the opportunity to automatically become a member of the DREAM INSIGHT FOUNDATION’s operation “NURTURE 1000 ENTREPRENEURS”

The operation “NURTURE 1000 ENTREPRENEURS” is an upcoming initiative of the DREAM INSIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA aimed at raising and nurturing 1000 young entrepreneurs and empowering them with the needed resources to dominate and change Africa.

  • Members of the operation “NURTURE 1000 ENTREPRENEURS” will enjoy a free monthly workshop and training sessions, business incubator, stress-free business registration, and free business advisory services.
  • Participants of the CHANGE AFRICA SUMMIT will have access to DREAM INSIGHT FOUNDATION’s International Exchange programs. This is where we expose our members to pair with young entrepreneurs from SOUTH AFRICA, TOGO, NIGERIA, COTE D’IVOIRE, CANADA AND AUSTRALIA to build international business concepts. This is to promote global business amongst our memebers and also expose them to the international business environment.
  • DREAM INSIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA will also through its corporate networks secure internship slots for most of it members.

Don’t be left out, be part of these 1000 lucky ones, become a CEO now and live your dream to its fullest.

Let’s not seek to travel in search of greener pastures but rather let’s plant our own grass, treat them with care and trust me we will make Africa the heart of global business.

For more information, contact the call the following numbers:

  • 0246622353
  • 0266451333



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