One of the most important components under your car’s hood is the head gasket. It is a mechanical seal that is designed to fit perfectly between your cylinders and the engine block; its main function is to prevent engine oil and coolant leakage and to keep the pressure inside the engine stable. Unfortunately, it is quite unjustifiable and underrated given that its failure could result in irreversible damages to a car’s engine. That being said, we believe it is important that you know some essential ways to keep your head gasket from blowing.

Don’t Let Your Car Overheat

With gaskets, it’s a tricky situation because they’re designed to maintain pressure inside an engine. How is that tricky? Because the main factor that controls the intensity of pressure is heat, and there’s plenty of that in an engine. Of course, all cars are fitted with engine cooling systems, but when these fail for whatever reason, your engine cylinders will overheat, the pressure will increase and your head gasket will bail on you. What you can do is to perform regular checkups on your car and always top your fluids; especially before a long drive. It can save you a lot of trouble, money, and effort.

Resurface Your Cylinders

When dealing with engines, you need to understand that every millimeter counts. Gaskets are meant to trap in gasses which means that any minor leakage can affect the pressure; it’s considered by experts as one of the most common failures in gaskets. See, by time, your cylinders’ surface will accumulate residuals that may affect their smoothness. That, in turn, could affect how tight a gasket can connect cylinders and the engine block. So, to prevent any possibilities of gasket failure and to keep your engine safe and sound, it is recommended that you resurface your cylinder heads; it’ll keep the seal strong.

Keep the Head Bolts Tight

A common misconception is that head bolts should be tightened as hard as possible. Each bolt’s maximum torque can differ according to a lot of factors. Meaning, you could easily end up with some bolts that are too tight, and others that aren’t equally as tight; it could easily result in a pressure imbalance. If the gasket doesn’t maintain the same pressure on all components, leakage could easily occur. That’s why it is essential that you get your bolt torque in a uniform way; you want all bolts to provide the same level of compression and pressure.
To put it all in a few words, make sure you perform regular checkups on your car. Also, it is highly important that you watch out for any signs of a poorly functioning head gasket. Remember that your car is like a human body. Just like you need to go to a doctor every once in a while for a general check-up, your car also needs constant maintenance to function at its full capacity. So, the next time you think about skipping your scheduled maintenance appointment, do yourself a favor and don’t listen to yourself. 

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