The Managing Director of Vlisco Ghana, Doro Fatoumata has charged fellows of Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) of Ghana, to embrace challenges as part of life in their leadership journey.

The fireside chat session organized by Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana is usually meant to have seasoned leaders in Ghana and beyond, share their experiences with the fellows who are also being nurtured to be leaders had all four (4) cohorts of the EPL Ghana program from various ministries come together here in Accra.

Ms. Doro used her life as an example for the cohorts by indicating that she has been through a lot of challenges that could have brought her vision down the drain; however, as a strong woman coming from a humble background, she embraced the challenges as part of her learning.

She stated, “I am a lady from a very humble background, coming from Niger; I used soap to brush my teeth but grew up in love, having a strong intention, none of the toils I went through during those times were seen as challenges or failures but I saw it to be life redirecting me, from my days in Europe to my comeback to Senegal after my family had relocated, I have always embraced challenges”.  

She went ahead to enlighten the cohorts on how this world demands young ones to be different. The director explained this by saying, “In a world of such a large number of people, it is only smart that you come out different in various aspects of your life. Find your uniqueness and work on it until you become a luxury” she further stated, “ Whatever you get, take it for a start, do it so well that people will talk about you as being unique in what you do”.

Ms. Doro also encouraged the fellows present at the event to always go for things that people do not want to take. They are to look out for the most daunting tasks that their colleagues fear taking on and that is what will make them stand out.


She reiterated that this has been her biggest success; as she took up roles in Nigeria, offered to go and serve in Dubai when very few colleagues were willing to do so, and also came to Ghana on a mission to revive the textile industry, putting her career on the line since she stood the risk of losing her job if she failed the mission but came out successful all along.

 Concluding her session with the fellows, she summed up the conversation under four broad thematic areas, urging the fellows to have a purpose, a life plan, distinctiveness, and intentions. These themes she noted have been and continue to be her secret to a successful journey so far even though she feels she still has a lot to offer.

The engagement was concluded by Yawa Hansen Quao, the   Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders commending the great contributions that the fellows are making in their various units and encouraging them to do more in their respective fields of endeavour.

She stated, “EPL is grateful to all fellows of the program so far for putting to use the very morals that were imbibed in them during their learning process”.

About Emerging Public Leaders Ghana

Launched in 2018, Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana (EPL Ghana) is a two-year fellowship that equips high-achieving university graduates of Ghanaian nationality with transferable leadership skills to effect change in the public sector and beyond. In partnership with the National Service Scheme (NSS), completing the first year of the EPL Ghana fellowship also fulfils the mandatory National Service requirement.


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