Ekow Simpson is the name.
He is a Teacher and the Headmaster of Afrangua D/A Basic School in the Central Region of Ghana.
He started his basic school at the Mfantsipim Basic School in Cape Coast, then to Pope John Senior High School to read General Arts, and successfully completed in 2004. He then proceeded to Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong and completed in 2008 with Diploma in Basic Education, and was posted to his current station, Afrangua D/A Basic School and has been since 2008.
The need for personal development become Ekow’s passion, and in pursuit of this; saved to invest in himself.
He enrolled at the University of Education, Winneba in 2010 to pursue a post-diploma degree in education. He graduated in 2012.
For the record, Ekow has been serving in the Afrangua community as an ‘Educationist’ for 7 years.
Very impressive for a young man living in modern day Ghana.
He over as the head of the school in 2009, and pushed for the establishment of Junior High Session for the School with the help of the staff and the elders of the community. This year, he is excited to say that, the first batch of final year students are feverishly preparing for the Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE.
Lets dive into a personal account of Ekow Simpson, has he gives as a 360 view of his life and work in Cape Coast, Ghana.
Ekow Simpson


The Afrangua community is a bit deprived economically, so most pupils don’t even have learning materials. I support in my own small way by soliciting for supports from friends for items such as Mathematical Set, School Uniforms, Exercise Books, and Story Books among others.


Growing up, I always wanted to make a difference. Be where my impact would be felt most. I didn’t want to be part of the crowd, rather I wanted be a cloud to provide covering for those being scorched by the sun. I was made up for impact so with help of my Dad, I opted for Afrangua D/A Basic School and I must say I am making impact here than I could have if I were to be in Accra, Kumasi or any of the big towns or cities.
I feel fulfilled when I see the kids wake up every morning and walk to school.
My presence in the community continues to inspire both the young and old. It inspires the kids that they can also become like me or anybody they want to become. I am more or less a role model the pupils look up to.
I have grown to love the kids to the extent that, their pains and worries are mine too. The pupils identify themselves with me. They share their ‘little’ challenges with me and that is fulfilling. I sincerely believe with the help of my staff, we will eventually create a better future for these kids.
I see great doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs and even presidents in the pupils of Afrangua. I just love them and I am putting in my best to make them better than me.


Well, I believe passion is everything. It is that which wakes us up every morning and ask us to go out there and succeed. I love teaching and I do it with passion. However, I love entertainment too. It boils in me and I can’t hide it. So I combine teaching and entertainment very well. I teach during the week days and on weekends I focus on the art and entertainment. My love for entertainment led me to found establish CAPE 360.
Cape 360 is a website that promote Ghanaian Art and focusing on the city of Cape Coast, unearthing talents and promoting already established and the less-known musicians in the region thereby positively channeling their energy into something productive.
Today, almost every event in the region seeks media partnership from Cape 360. The website also serves general news coming from in and around the country. You can check out Cape 360 at www.cape360gh.com
I also blog at www.ekowsimpson.blogspot.com
My NGO, Ekes Possibilities-Education was also established to improve Literacy in English Language through Educational events such as spelling and reading competitions and supporting rural students with educational materials. For the past two years, my team and I have worked in supporting rural kids: Ekes Possibilities – Education.


I had my own challenges just like everyone. Growing up wasn’t all smooth. I turned 29 some few weeks back. There were challenges and there still are. I remember in 2011 I bought my first car for a taxi with the intention of making some money to support my educational NGO and ultimately the kids in my school.
I bought it in August, fell seriously sick and admitted in September. My driver had issues with the police through which the car was impounded and later released after three weeks. Within the same week the car was released, I had a call from my driver’s father that the car was involved in an accident and was seriously mangled. God! I almost died.
I gradually overcame the shock and pain and I must say, I became stronger in the face of adversities.
My values for life are simple. I believe more in giving than in receiving. Time is precious and I value timeliness. I believe in hardwork and honesty. I love fun. Above all, I love God.


Moving on to the future, I look forward to making Afrangua D/A Basic School one of the best in the region and even in the whole country. It is possible. I look forward to growing my educational NGO in order to increase the support I give to the kids and the community. Cape 360 looks bigger and better in the very near future. My team and I are working hard in that regard.
I believe strongly that, Ghana is not all about Accra, Cape Coast must also be recognized. I am convinced soon, events such as the Movie Awards, Music Awards among others will soon be held in the Central Region and Cape 360 will play a key role in that.
cape 360
To my fellow youth; hardwork pays so work hard and efficiently and you will be rewarded.
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