In doing business today in a global competitive crowded market, one most often forgotten skill and strategy for brands to thrive is – Follow-Ups.
Quite often, at business networking meetings, many are quick to exchange business cards but rarely do follow up. Anytime you fail to follow up on contacts you made from such meetings, the probability of never calling those contacts is very high. You may be leaving lots of businesses on the table if you don’t get in touch sooner. My rule of thumb has always been to contact people within 24hours after such meetings; using any medium possible to make a quick contact. It could be via email, text, social media, etc, just do it.
Let me ask you this, how often do you return those missed calls, text, and emails? The average individual and brand do not really care. Ethically, it’s uncouth to not respond to mails/texts or return missed calls. From a brand and business perspective, you might not even know who you may be losing or what contracts you may be letting go.
Remember, many other businesses and brands are competing for your current and potential clients. Don’t lose them to your competitors. One simple contact can greatly transform your business and brand.
I have instituted ‘Follow-Up-Fridays’ where I follow up with emails (thank you notes), text messages and calls to potential and existing clients. This is to keep business coming in and to stay top-of-mind to clients and business partners. Try it and let me know.
Today, pick that phone and make that call, send that email, reply to that text – follow up, if not you will fold up!
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