What is DEM TIMES?
From Our Day, DEM TIMES is a young adult comedy-drama following the re-education of British-born troublemaker, Samuel Adjei, in a Ghanaian boarding school.
A trouble maker in high school, Samuel finds himself on a plane heading to Ghana; a different country, needless to say, a different life. His formative years have begun. These are ‘DEM TIMES‘.
The show is in the broader sense, a serialised teen odyssey, set within the closed-off microcosm of Ghanaian boarding school life. At its core, this is a cultural migration; a fish-out-of-water story stemming from an outsider’s identity crisis inside the Ghana educational ethos – where the school day begins before sunrise and ends after 9 pm, and only after students have finished their homework at prep (assuming chores have been completed too). The project has received support from the Arts Council, BBC Arts, and ICA. DEM TIMES was created by Jacob Roberts-Mensah and Rhys Reed-Johnson.

Cast and Crew

Samuel … David Omordia; Dad/Prefect ….Albert Kuvodu; Mr Ansah … Andy Sarfo; Mum…Enyonam Gbesmete; Mrs Ampofo/Maa …Barbara Newton; Paa…Ecow Smith-Asante; Belinda … Jimand Allotey; Tiwa … Samuelle Durojaiye; Efua…Shari Brock; Derrick/Henry/Prefect … Joshua Roberts-Mensah; Nii… Peter Ackah-Yensu; Prefect…Kobby Parker; Miles…Joshua Boyd-Campbell;
Directed by Poppy Clifford
Engineering/Editing/Mixing by Jarek Zaba
Additional sound design by Sam Glossop
The theme song was written and performed by Joshua KYEOT
Additional music by REEZ, Still Shadey, and Izzy Eze
Written by Rhys Reed-Johnson and Jacob Roberts-Mensah
Produced by Jacob Roberts-Mensah for Our Day
Recorded at Octagon Studios, Brixton
Supported by Arts Council England

Our Day

Our Day is a company, focused on producing narrative podcasts. It was born out of a passion for telling authentic African stories from the continent and the Diaspora. “It is an exciting time for podcasting, and Our Day hopes to contribute meaningfully to the community. Creating good-quality work from an authentic Ghanaian (and African) perspective.
Ecow Smith-Asante Albert Kuvodu DEM TIMES
There is an increased interest in African storytelling, music and culture, making it a particularly interesting time to be a content creator from the continent and the diaspora. This is Our Day, and This is Our Time.”

How Can You Listen/Support?

DEM TIMES can be heard on all streaming platforms starting on 27th October.
Rss feed: https://feeds.captivate.fm/demtimes/.
Support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/ourday.
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