Another ride-hailing service has touched the market and this is special. This one is completely owned by a group of Ghanaians and its name is Dropyn.

This new local player is ready to rub shoulders with the likes of Yango, Uber, Bolt, etc. The competition is really going to be tough for Dropyn as these other ride-sharing services have been working in the country for a while now.

For example, Uber has been operating in Accra for 3 good years now. And it is now available in Kumasi too. Uber is basically the synonymous name for ride-hailing in Ghana.

The company has already started its operations in the country’s capital, Accra. With the initial operations, Dropyn is using about 50 salon cars in the city of Accra.

Unlike the Uber service in Ghana where the drivers use their own private vehicles, Dropyn actually provides the cars for the drivers. And the arrangement for the drivers on the platform is a “work and pay” kind of contract.

This essentially means the drivers get to keep the Dropyn cars after they have completed 2-years of full payment.

Evans Omane-Boateng, the manager of operations, at the launch, said the service has a rewarding scheme for drivers and riders.
Also, Dropyn has a loyalty point reward system. With this system, drivers and riders would get to build their loyalty points and receive cash rewards if they refer others to come join the Dropyn family.

The company also promises higher commissions for the drivers.

Services of Dropyn

Right now, these are the services the Ghanaian-owned ride-hailing platform is offering. It does private ride-hailing services — the usual one. Then there is the “let me hitch” kind of rides. This service allows riders to share the ride with other riders on the same route, thus, saving them some money.

Future Services

Dropyn isn’t here for only the private ride-hailing and ride-sharing services. It has on its list other services it plans to introduce in the near future.

The first is the “Move” service. This will allow customers to request for a truck or mini truck to move logistics, home appliances, etc. from one location to the other.

The other service is Delivery. This basically gets items from shops, grocery stores and even food from restaurants and delivers them to the client. This will provide customers access to hundreds of menus with quick delivery at all times. The customer can also track orders and make payments right on the Dropyn mobile app.

In all, this company seems a really promising Ghanaian startup. Let’s hope it doesn’t get crumbled anytime soon.

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