Over the last decade and a half, fintech in Ghana has enjoyed a sustained growth as the country pushes for a digital and cashless economy. From MTN Ghana’s introduction of the now popular Mobile Money payment platform to the many similar services being run by banks and other non-financial institutions, the mobile payment sector in Ghana has turned out to be one of the most vibrant within the West African sub region; with links to other operations on the continent at large.
When DreamOval entered the Ghanaian fintech space in 2007, there wasn’t so much going on locally. People still had to send money via Ghana Post’s IMT (Instant Money Transfer) or by entrusting the funds into the hands of long-distance bus drivers. Things were risky.
However, with the introduction of MTN Mobile Money in 2009, people found it easier to trust the new money transfer technology since a big-name corporation was backing it. That opened the doors wider for local fintech companies — including DreamOval — who took the baton and run with it.

DreamOval: Baby giant steps

If you place emphasis on hype, there wouldn’t be much to say about DreamOval or what it has achieved in its 13 years of existence. Why? Because you don’t see them everyday in television adverts and the like. However, when you take the time to look into their story; following (or retracing) their footprints into new territories, as well as the products they take along on such ‘corporate voyages’, you would appreciate how far this fintech company has come; as well as how further it will be going.
First, let’s take a look at the products this fintech firm has on offer; forming the basis for their relevance as well as their growth and expansion.


Here in Ghana, DreamOval is best known for SlydePay; the Mobile Money payment platform for merchants and regular customers.
Slydepay is a simple to use mobile money app which allows flexibility in payments and transactions. With this payment platform, you get to pay anyone and pay for anything as well as send and receive money. Basically with  Slydepay, you can do everyday things like buying airtime and data, aside paying bills. Slydepay processes all mobile money wallets and card payments.

Billbox Remit

Billbox Remit is an easy-to-plug-in solution that empowers financial institutions like banks and mobile money networks with a best-in-class remittance solution that terminates to accounts and wallets. As stated earlier, this solution is designed to plug-in easily into the platform of any remittance company from anywhere in the world; that seeks to expand their presence across Africa.
With the in-built anti-money laundering, globally recognized sanction screening, and real-time KYC verification algorithms, Billbox Remit helps ensure the right money gets to the right people.
The B2B2C solution is ready to plug-in to banks, non-banking financial institutions, mobile money telcos and Digital Financial Institutions.
Now these are all services and solutions that any fintech company can offer, so, why the fuss about what DreamOval is doing? Here’s why; the moves they are making with banks in Ghana and across Africa.

DreamOval and the banking sector

Knowing that it’s not enough to simply be a payment option for businesses and individuals, DreamOval has been making inroads within the banking sector by providing its mobile money payment platform for their partner banks.
ADB, Fidelity bank, GCB Bank, and Standard (Stanbic) Bank are the banking institutions that DreamOval is closely working with in order to provide mobile money solutions for their clients; whether as merchants or as regular customers.
Beyond the borders of Ghana, the fintech firm is providing mobile money services to banks in West and Southern Africa. That means a lot because you don’t get to do such high level business with banking institutions if your credentials are not trusted and the solutions you offer do not make an impact in the day-to-day transactions of such institutions.

In conclusion

DreamOval may not be the name you hear on everyone’s lips. However, their products and solutions are making major impacts on the daily. With what has already been done and the moves they currently have in motion, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say they’ll be featuring prominently within the African fintech ecosystem; in the coming decade.
There’s more to come from DreamOval and it can only get better.

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