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Resume is the very first introduction to the recruiter, and hence, it should be very well furnished. It should state your skills, knowledge as well as experience in a way that they are not slapped one over the other but are definitely known by the recruiter in some way. You might be following a certain structure of resume, but it should be remembered that while applying for different jobs, you should be restructuring your resume and customizing it according to the needs of the job. If you are applying for an IT job, the resume does not need to have your knowledge about finance terms. If you are writing a resume for freshers then you should be paying more attention to the career objective where you can write your achievement and aspirations. A recruiter has to go through several resumes while hiring new employees. He has no time to go into details and find out about your skills. A career objective makes it easy for the recruiter to know about your skills just with a short read.

Let us discuss the dos of making a resume:

  1. Restructure your resume every time: It is very important to restructure your resume every time you apply for a particular job role. Customize your resume according to the requirement of the job and include specific key terms. Many times, particular keywords are scanned and the resumes having them are selected. Thus, research well and include such keywords in your resume.
  2. State your achievements clearly: Resume is all about highlighting and broadcasting your skills and achievements so far. Try to pen down your biggest achievements in your past jobs. How something you did benefited the company in a great way would be a great booster for your resume. A company would definitely want to take people who can bring in sales and profits there way. If you can make them believe that you are potential of bringing in sales, they are definitely going to grab you.
  3. Proofread is important: The last thing you want to include in your resume is spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The recruiters are quick to spot such errors, and some might think this to be a careless attitude and lack of seriousness. This can make them reject your resume which is definitely not acceptable. It is always better to ask a friend to have a look and check for any errors.
  4. Always keep your resume updated: Even if you are not thinking of changing jobs or are interested in finding a job, it is better to update your resume every time you complete a new project or get promoted or make any achievement. This way it won’t be a burden while updating your resume.

Now let us discuss some of the don’ts of a resume below:

  1. Never misrepresent your education or experience: While working in a corporation, this is one of the main things to be kept in mind. Through connections or investigations, the company you are applying for would know the truth anyhow and hence; there is no point lying. Be very honest in your resume and let them judge you on basis of your own knowledge and not any misconception.
  2. You need not give reasons for leaving every job in your resume: Your recruiter might want to know what made you leave the job and you should be prepared with a proper reason. But there is no need to include these in your resume. Any additional information in your resume can make it boring.
  3. No personal information is needed in a resume: Don’t let the recruiter judge you on the basis of his subconscious or conscious mind on factors other than your skills. He does not need to know about your marital status or religion or anything such.
  4. Past salary information is not needed in your resume: You can state your expectations from the company and can talk about salary when asked. But listing the previous salaries, you got in companies can have a negative effect on your recruiter and make him think that you are here only for the rise in salary. It is always better to show your interest in the job and the work primarily, the rest can be settled.

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