Does Franko Trading do swapping of phones?

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does Franko Trading do swapping

Does Franko Trading do swapping of phones? Neither phone swapping nor exchange is possible at Franko Trading Enterprise.

As a tech blog, we have received tons of questions on how customers can get rid of their old phones for a better model or, if possible, exchange their phones after purchase at Franko Trading Enterprise. Be rest assured to get all the answers from us.

Phone swapping and exchange in Ghana is not customary in most of the mobile phone shops in Ghana. However, even if it is done, it is rather on a non-commercial arrangement between friends, etc.  

This article will highlight why Franko Trading does not swap and exchange mobile phones.

1. Franko Trading Enterprise does not deal in used phones

Franko Trading does not sell used or partially used phones as their sales are only centred on brand-new phones. This means that it will not countenance the exchange or swapping of a used phone from a customer or an existing customer.

So in case you wish to exchange or swap your phone for an upgrade or the latest model, it is best to risk a few more cedis in order to own your dream phone at Franko Trading.

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2. Stock policy and auditing purposes

Since Franko Trading’s stock policy is centred on new phones in a box, it won’t cross out properly in their books when you want to swap or exchange your used phone. The same applies to new phones bought out of their shop for exchange or swapping since it will affect their stock reconciliation.

Obviously, this can pose a significant threat to their financial analysis at the end of the year, considering the number of unmatched entries it will have.

Hopefully, Franko trading will soon put systems in place to accommodate such purchasing arrangements for Ghanaians. 

As we all know, the bulk of a smartphone’s environmental impact comes from making the phone and getting it into your hands. The processes of mining, refining, constructing, and transporting a phone can represent between 80 and 95 per cent of the device’s total CO2 emissions, per a report from OpenMind.

Consequently, there is a dire need to consider phone swapping and exchanges as a concept of saving the customer some cedis and reducing the impact phone manufacturing has on the environment since it is an emission-laden process.

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