Hemp still remains illegal in most countries across the globe. Most governments are still not ready nor willing to legalize the use of hemp by their citizens. However, improvements have been made by a few countries across the globe. South Africa is one of the latest countries to legalize the use of hemp for medical reasons by its citizens. But the question still remains unanswered, is hemp really beneficial for human consumption or is it harmful to human psycho effects?
Hemp is a plant that has been there for decades and centuries of time. With time, hemp has been known to be used for various reasons including; commercial, industrial-like textile, clothing, food for consumption paper bioplastics and medicinal purposes. Books of history decades that, the very first bible were written on hemp paper. But, let’s concentrate on the medicinal use of hemp.

Medicinal values

Hemp contains over 113 known cannabinoids. Among these are the most important CBD and THC. CBD oil is derived from extremely high cannabinoids that are rich in hemp. CBD oils are known to contain extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This reason alone reduces the psychoactive effect caused by THC to help users.

The 1970 research

In 1970, a group of experts made mind-blowing research and found several benefits of cannabinoids and aromatic compounds. Cannabis is also known for not producing extravagant quantities of THC. In the present day, CBD hemp has managed to find its way as an online product in several countries. This has helped citizens of these countries to enjoy the major medicinal healing benefits associated with CBD.

The 2017 research

In 2017, research carried out by doctors and medical practitioners found some healing components in the CBD. It was discovered that CBD reduced seizures by over 50% in almost over 40% of subjects used in the research. This has propelled agricultural breeders to breed hemp plants with high levels of CBD.

The 2018 research

In 2018 a food and drug administration (FDA) went ahead and gave thumbs up to the usage of CBD oral solutions. These oral solutions (epediolex) are specifically meant to cure and reduce seizures.  It has also been known since 2015 that out of 600 samples of cannabis tested contained THC levels improved in comparison to its close relative CBD.
Seizures are just one of the many medically proven benefits of the CBD. CBD has also been known to be useful to individuals suffering from; epileptic diabetes, cancer, high levels of depression and major neurodegenerative diseases. The use of CBD alone has proved to have a zero psychotropic effect on users and very reassuring in pediatric medicine.
As proven, CBD is very useful when used minus THC that causes high levels of psycho-highness, high levels of unusual appetites and seductiveness.

Reasons as to why a little THC is of great importance

The question that has raised high levels of debates among health priests is, can we use CBD alone and extract the levels of THC on medicines?  Some health gurus believe that this is very possible while others believe a little bit of THC is equally crucial.  This question gained more attention after a study was printed in a journal of pain and management. The survey reviewed that improvement of pain and several fighting properties we as a result of a combination of CBD and THC. It was also discovered that the overall performance of cancer patients was as a result of the combination of THC and CBD. Most cancer patients using both CBD and THC showed brilliant results since they didn’t need an extra dose. While those using CBD alone showed the need for an extra dose in a span of two weeks.
Since this is an ongoing project worldwide, it goes without saying that medical pundits need to bring their heads together and brainstorm on a few issues. One of the issues being, if THC and CBD should be used together. Most believe they should be used together. The right question for them to meditate about is, how these two vital components can be used together safely without putting the lives of consumers at risk. If this can be done and we can get a way to get the two components to coexist safely, we can create a better world within the medical unit of our lives.

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