A notable amount of people contemplate a divorce proceeding to be one of the most dramatic and depressing experiences of their lives. We accept that this is undividedly not so pleasant to observe your marriage being entirely over. It is a frightening event, and not everybody can overcome it! However, to be accurate, we are ready to tell you that the divorce process it the beginning of an uncontaminated and peaceful life ever after. A team having experience in dealing with cheap divorces without attorney has given us some data that can be somewhat valid concerning a divorce with and without the attorney, the main peculiarities of these types of separation, etc. We will currently dig into this topic immediately!

General facts about the divorce process in Texas

The divorce proceeding in Texas performs various examples. They can be a Contested Divorce, an Uncontested Divorce, the Legal Separation, etc. Firstly, let us discuss the Contested Divorce more in details. The Contested Divorce is the most difficult and dangerous case ever. It is dangerous firstly for the children and the property of the spouses because there is a big possibility that the spouses will never agree on anything, and the divorce will become a dramatic event for all the sides of the process. The Contested Divorce in Texas remains one year if the situation is not so critical, unless the spouses cannot find a common language, it can last even more than a year.  You have to file for divorce with all the documents and forms that seem to be suitable for the county court you are getting the separation appropriate for your case. The Contested Divorce usually takes more than an Uncontested Divorce speaking not only about time but also talking about money spent on such a process. The estimated cost is of the Contested Divorce can be up to $17 000 including the cost of the attorney.
As you can see, we do need the attorney regarding the Contested type of the marriage termination. With the qualified help of the experienced attorney, you might be adequately preserved for all the difficulties of the divorce and also protect yourself from numbers of sensitive and controversial situations.
The Uncontested Divorce is the most superior and well-spread type of divorce not only in Texas but also in the whole USA. This process typically means no quarrels between the ex-spouse and the peaceful dissolution as well. The Uncontested Divorce does not challenge the lawyer representatives at all. The couples usually prepare for such proceedings by themselves, that is safe for the money they tend to spend during the whole process. The Uncontested Divorce has a somewhat reasonable price including all the filing fees, payments, etc. The time of the Uncontested Divorce can fluctuate from 30 days to 8 months. Everything depends on the individual situation. Well, what is the main difference between the Contested and the Uncontested divorces if any? There is the one-the absence of the attorney in case of having the Uncontested Divorce, and the assistance of the attorney if the Contested Divorce takes place.

Pros and Cons of hiring the Attorney

  1. A well-experienced attorney might perform all the items of the divorce proceeding more effectively. That is the truth; however, we can face the attorneys that know nothing in their profession, in spite of this fact they demand big money for the processes that is a pity.
  2. You can much more be protected with the attorney from the possible inconveniences. In different cases, it is the truth, although we have no opportunity to be protected from all the unpleasant situations. Therefore, it is a wise decision to weigh all the possible conditions before you decide to terminate your current marriage. The attorneys can protect us when they can do it, so do not rely only on their intuition or self-esteem.
  3. You might economize lots of money. If you are thinking about saving your money, you can also omit to hire the attorney. As you remember, the Uncontested Divorce does not require this assistance, so the extra money will never be extra during the further perks of the divorce case. You do not have to waste the money on the things you never need in such a position.
  4. Divorce with the attorney might be much faster. We can argue with this notification first of all due to the type of separation. Even if you have a perfect attorney, it will not become a guarantee of the successful proceeding in the future. The Contested Divorce can cause several complications due to which it cannot be faster. The attorney can take your money; however, the process will be as slow as it used to be. Do not rely on the point of view of the attorney and always keep your vision of the future dissolution.

To sum up, let us be more careful regarding the divorce. The attorney is not the recipe to the victorious life, so if you feel like considering one more time all the points of the inevitable separation, you should do it. As a rule, the attorney is deemed to be a fair-weather friend, so he/she will be with you only if you have enough money. If you can lead the divorce process by yourself, do it with no hesitations, and you will achieve more opportunities in the future to stand for your interests independently. We will support you in any case, so do your best to get your divorce as soon as possible and never give up despite any seriousness of your current situation!

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