Recently, Disney has been expanding and enhancing its streaming service all across the globe. Just 2 weeks ago, the streaming video service revealed that it has over fifty million subscribers.
Over the years, the company has been known to take the simple things very seriously and as a recent development, Disney dazzled its iOS subscribers with an application update that launches an added layer of security and data saver mode.

Disney+ app data saver iPhones
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According to Phonearena, With the most recent version of Disney+, subscribers will be able to decide to log out of their account across all devices when they want to reset their email or password. In addition to that, the app will let users select their preferred video playback quality on their home network to minimize their data usage.
2 fresh options are currently available in the application, “Automatic” and “Save Data.” If you go with “Save Data”, Disney+ immediately caps streaming speed to standard quality, while “Automatic” will stream up to 4K UHD.
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